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What Makes a Great Coach? Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Well it’s official! What Makes a Great Coach? has hit Amazon #1 Best Seller in Australia across Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Workplace Culture, Teams, Management Skills, Leadership Training, Sports Coaching, Tennis…and most importantly Mentoring and Coaching. 

About the book

Over the past 7 years, Emma has asked over 500 of the world’s leading tennis, sport and business coaches: What Makes a Great Coach? Together with Natalie, they have distilled this down to the top 10 practices.

Told through the eyes of Emma’s own personal and raw journey towards elite coaching. What Makes a Great Coach? features stories, quotes, and inspiration.  Especially from past and current coaching legends. Including the coaches of many former World No.1s.

About the research

The book research is comprehensive.  It features research from more than 500 of the world’s top coaches. In addition, some former World No.1’s including Roger Federer.

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Why call them ‘practices’ and not characteristics?

Emma and Natalie use the term practices.  Rather than calling them characteristics or attributes. In addition, rather than using traditional chapter headings.  This is encouraging continuous reflection on how we show up as a coach.  Importantly, acknowledging that we can always grow and develop as a coach, as we continue our practice of coaching.

It’s easy to say, ‘oh I am a good listener’.

But how do we put that into practice?

What is it about listening, that we are practicing as a coach?

How do we demonstrate good listening?

The book has us dig deeper into this reflection.  It’s not a tick and flick.

Are the Practices covered in our Coaching Courses?

100%! If you are a leader, manager or team member interested in becoming a coach, our courses at Open Door Coaching reflect the practices that are shared within this book. Click on the button below to book your free, no-obligation discovery call and learn more about how you can become the leader you aspire to be. Coaching is the greatest gift that lives within all of us. Why not start your coaching journey today?

What is the Coaching Toolkit?

To complement the book #WMAGC we have created The Coaching Toolkit. These are practical strategies are perfect for team leaders to empower their people. There are over 20 tools and you can learn all about them by clicking on the button below.

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A book for all coaches

‘A compelling read that takes you to the heart of coaching.  A must-read for all coaches at all levels.’ Jim Loehr, World-Renowned Performance Psychologist and NY Times Best Selling Author.

As Jim Loehr has kindly stated, Emma explains that the book is for all coaches. Importantly is a chance for us to reflect on our own coaching practices. Particularly, if we take the time to answer the reflection questions at the end of every practice.  Natalie recaps that while writing the book she took a lot of time to reflect on the practices. Especially, what they mean to her and how she shows up as a coach.

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