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1) Leader as Coach (2 X half days)


2) High Performance Workplace Coaching Certification
(5 X full days)


Option 1)

Leader as Coach 

Not sure where to start? The Leader as Coach course is the way of the future. From everyday ‘corridor’ conversations to performance conversations, this 2-session Leader as Coach program gives real-world coaching skills that you can use straight away in the workplace to coach your team.

Common-sense and down-to-earth, and most importantly focused on helping you get a (minimum) 36% increase in the performance of yourself and your team.

It's perfect for leaders and managers to develop their people skills.

Delivered virtually using Zoom Video conferencing, it's easier than ever to get the essential coaching skills you need to drive performance in your workplace.

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Option 2)

High Performance Workplace Coaching Certification

The High-performance Workplace Coaching Certification provides a complete toolkit to enable coaching conversations with individuals and teams in your workplace. It provides tools and frameworks that can be utilized in a diverse range of practical workplace scenarios. We include topics around effective communication and building strong relationships; coaching through change; reframing negative behaviors; having feedback conversations and a deeper level of coaching around values, attitudes and beliefs. You have the opportunity to learn about yourself and to grow and develop your coaching skills and to make a significant difference to people around you.
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What is the Coaching Toolkit?

The Coaching Toolkit provides you with practical and relatable communication strategies that are directly linked to the top 10 practices from Emma Doyle's research and book (co-author, Natalia Ashdown) entitled,

'What Makes a Great Coach?' (#WMAGC)

There are over 20 tools within The Coaching Toolkit, and they can be applied in various environments. The coaching tools are for coaches, parents, and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success whether you are coaching a team, in a board room, on a tennis court, or on a sporting field. Enjoy experimenting with the tools.


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"Everyone that leads a program, business, team etc…should take this course. You will learn new tools and new ways to get more productivity out of your members, employees, staff, and team. It doesn’t matter who or what you are coaching, you will see a difference in their performance in minutes. Do yourself a favor and invest in your future." 

Carla McKenzie - Director at The Shore and Country Club