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Not sure where to start? Leader as Coach is the way of the Future

From everyday ‘corridor’ conversations to performance conversations, this 2-session Leader as Coach program gives real-world coaching skills that you can use straight away in the workplace to coach your team.

Common-sense and down-to-earth, but most importantly focus on helping you get a (minimum) 36% increase in the performance of yourself and your team.

It's perfect for technical leaders and managers developing their people skills.

Delivered virtually using Zoom Video conferencing (2 X 3 hours sessions), it's easier than ever to get the essential coaching skills you need to drive performance in your workplace. 

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The format of the course is flexible and easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Upon enrolment, you'll be provided with some self-paced videos and resources to prepare you for the two 3-hour zoom sessions. These sessions focus on practicing your coaching skills and getting expert feedback and mentoring, so you can begin coaching and working on your skills immediately. 

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Here is what we'll cover 

Situational Coaching - Understand what coaching is in the workplace, when to use it and when not to. 

Coach Personalities - Understand different personalities, what makes them tick and how to coach them. 

Solutions Focused - Coach negative people or ‘devil’s advocates’ to become solutions focused.

Build Accountability - Coach people to be accountable, take responsibility for their results and deliver.

Achieve Goals - Work on your own goals, achieve great results and help others to set effective targets.

Team Leadership - Be a better listener, ask better questions and get more out of your team....and lots more!

Saskia Rice-Schaffeler 

"The Leader as Coach course is worth its weight in gold. We were exposed to a number of fantastic coaching tools, had the opportunity to put them into practice, and were able to engage in group discussions. The course was delivered online over two sessions, making it very accessible and Emma was a fantastic facilitator. The content was engaging and it really inspired me to continuously learn and improve as a coach and as a leader."

Paul Hickman

"My name is Paul Hickman, I own multiple businesses, which is part of the reason that I decided to take Emma’s course 'Leader as a Coach'.  My expectation was that the information would be a review of my previous training, but I found the course to be much more than I could have ever expected!  If you want to become a better leader, coach, or manager, this course will change the way you think, coach, and lead.  I found it to be fantastic value for money.  I highly recommend Emma’s facilitation style and this Open Door Coaching course!"

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Who's it for?

This program is ideal for all managers, teachers, and leaders who want to develop the coaching skills required to drive performance, increase engagement and lift productivity and effectiveness. 

It's perfect for those who want to develop their people skills and for coaches looking to refresh their toolkits.

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Who will be your Open Door facilitator?

Emma Doyle - Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Author 

In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges around talent retention, Emma Doyle (author, speaker, and PCC-certified coach), will help guide you through these obstacles to help your company train managers and leaders to become coaches.

Emma has partnered with Open Door Coaching to train managers and leaders in the US on how to create a coaching culture in the workplace. Emma is a coach, mentor and sought-after keynote speaker around the world. She believes that the Leader as Coach is the way of the future.

Emma is deeply qualified to know 'What Makes a Great COach?' which is the title of her book. She believes that incorporating coaching skills together with developing your people skills are essential practices of the successful coach-leader. Emma brings a bundle of energy to her courses because she knows that change happens over time, with daily actions and proven coaching tools, you can bring a coaching culture to life within your organization.

Your ROI = IOR (improvement on relationships).

Emma is a qualified coach with over 30 years of coaching experience.

* High-Performance Workplace and Coaching certification
* Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
* Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner
* Professional Certified Coach - PCC (with the International Coach Federation)
* B.App.Sc Sports Coaching

Emma has represented Australia as a National coach on 20 occasions. Her pioneering approach to communication and coaching encourages people to take action. She provides practical coaching tools to help coach the coaches so that they can engage and empower others. She specializes in helping people to develop a high-performing mindset, enhance energy, and perform under pressure both at home and in the workplace.

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