Mary Pat Faley - Learn the look

Season #3 Episode #73

Mary Pat Faley and Emma Doyle share one thing in common - an abundance of energy and love for the sport of tennis that is contagious. Check out this week's episode on the coaching podcast to learn about:

  • How to handle the cheat
  • What makes a great coach? Mary Pat said: Energy (no surprises there), information and caring
  • And the importance of learning the look from other coaches - never stop learning!

Mary Pat Faley was the Southern California 2011 USPTA Tennis Pro of the Year. She is a published author, Tennis Channel Celebrity, keynote speaker, tennis entrepreneur, elite member of the Babolat Advisory Team and she can be described in five words: A spirit of boundless energy!
A “Tennis Pro’s Pro” – Mary Pat is committed to sharing her tennis teaching secrets with tennis pros all over the country. After publishing, Winning in Tennis and Life in 2009 – a blueprint for healthy living on and off the court, Mary Pat went on to produce a series of YouTube videos in 2011 demonstrating the unique, action-packed tennis drills that made her a success on and off the court. The summer of 2013, she launched her new program, Mary Pat’s Force of Three – designed to help tennis professionals run productive, challenging tennis drills for groups of 4-10 players. The system can also be used by any tennis player at every level.

MP played tennis at the University Of Alabama, Birmingham on a full scholarship and she was sectionally and nationally ranked. She has coached high school and college tennis – working with hundreds of players who have gone on to receive college scholarships and national rankings. Many of her students have become full-time tennis professionals at various clubs around the country.
Mary Pat taught for 39 years at Calabasas Tenniss & Swim Club in Calabasas, CA. In September 2016, she became the Tennis Director at The Riviera Tennis Club, one of the most prestigious clubs in the United States.

She spends her time coaching and directing 24 pro’s at The Riviera Tennis Club as well as still being a speaker/consultant all over the country. A member of the USPTA for over 35 years, Mary Pat was one of the premier speakers at the 2010 USPTA World Conference in Palm Springs, CA. Mary Pat is available to speak at your tennis facility and share her secrets from her successful 42-year tennis career.

Glam Slam Tennis Mary Pat is also the co-founder of Glam Slam Tennis. This is a platform of clinics, academics and on-lone coaching for women of all levels taught by ONLY women coaches. Questions: [email protected] Website for More info & free tips: