Chuck Gill - Great coaches have empathy & are goal-driven

Season #3 Episode #72

Chuck Gill and Emma Doyle connected at the 2021 USPTA World Convention in Las Vegas. Emma has followed Chuck's career over the years and she has always been inspired by his humble leadership skills. Therefore, she seized the moment to interview him at the conference and discovered that empathy and being goal-driven is what Chuck believes makes a great coach. There are lots of pearls of wisdom in this episode and we hope you enjoy it.

Coach Chuck Gill is the Director of Tennis for 29 courts at the Village Of Wellington, Florida. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, where he developed his love for tennis on high school courts and in public parks, Gill earned a college tennis scholarship and studied business administration. He has 45 years of experience teaching tennis to players of all ages and levels, as well as leading clubs, resorts and now public tennis centers.

He has spoken at conferences for the USTA, USPTA and CMAA. He was the USPTA National past President and a USTA Florida section board member. Above all else, he is a husband and Dad, an all-around good guy, and one of the hippest old geeks you’ll ever meet!

The Wellington Tennis Center is open currently for socially distanced play. For more info. visit