Roger Crawford - "Talent is not nearly as important as execution

Season #3 Episode #71

Emma Doyle and Roger Crawford met during the Australian Open Tennis Conference and then again at the Tennis Congress event where Roger was the keynote speaker. This episode is full of great one-liners like:

  • "Talent is nearly as important as execution."
  • "We are going forward to normal."
  • "Motion is influenced by emotion."

If you knew of someone who became a Hall of Fame athlete despite four impaired limbs, would you like to hear what that person had to say about finding opportunity in adversity? Roger Crawford has helped many organizations elevate expectations, accelerate performance, and transform results.
On center court, Sports Illustrated has recognized Roger as “One of the most accomplished, physically challenged athletes in history!” He’s also the recipient of the ITA Achievement Award, presented by the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
Now on center stage, Roger is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world and has been inducted into the International Speaker Hall of Fame.
Roger brings instant credibility and has the unique ability to connect with your audience. His message is authentic because he lives a “no excuses” mindset every day. Roger’s presentations go beyond his inspirational story, focusing on helping your team breakthrough self-imposed limitations and reach next-level success.
Roger Crawford is also a Best-Selling author whose books have been translated into 17 languages. Roger’s books, Think Again - The Power Of Possibility Thinking, Playing From the Heart - Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity, How High Can You Bounce? - Turning Setbacks into Comebacks and soon to be released, Playing to Win – How to Decrease Excuses and Increase Results, will empower readers to adapt, transform and win – no matter the circumstances!
In addition to tennis, Roger also excelled on the football field. During one particular game, the crowd in the stadium witnessed something they will never forget. He recovered a fumble and was bolting for the end zone when an opponent pulled his artificial leg off! Undaunted, Roger hopped over the goal line for a touchdown! If that story sounds familiar you’ve likely read the very first book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series!
Roger’s most cherished award is having been inducted into the International Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities. He shares this honor with two of his lifelong heroes, Christopher Reeve and Helen Keller.