Adam Blicher - Effective Communication - Use external language like analogies

Season #3 Episode #70

Adam Blicher helped to re-earth The Coaching Podcast after a break of almost two years and we are very grateful for his support and encouragement to bring the show back. Adam interviewed Emma Doyle on his podcast (Dissecting High Performance in Tennis) and they hit it off with everything to do with coaching, communication, and player development. What does Adam think makes a great coach?

Expectation, adapt and environment. We hope you enjoy this episode and think more deeply about the learning loop process.

Adam Blicher is a Sport Psychology Consultant who is a part of the External Team of Sport Psychology Consultants at Team Denmark (The Olympic Committee). He works with everyone from the local club hero to athletes competing at European-, World Championships and the Olympics. Adam hosts a Tennis Coaching Podcast called “Dissecting High Performance in tennis” where 90+ Tennis Experts have shared their experience and knowledge for free. Adam has previously worked 6 years for the Danish Tennis Federation as a Camp- and Traveling Coach for the Junior National Teams.

During the last 7 years, Adam has travelled to 25+ countries for tennis tournaments ranging from Junior- to Senior Competitions to Nordic- and European Championships. He uses the demands and stress of tennis to help players become strong, resilient people that are able to problem solve in high-pressure situations while showing great character. He cares about the results of the players that he works with, and he cares more about who the players are becoming as people, as a result of their sports journey.

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