Dr. Michelle Cleere - Great coaches are "positive, encouraging & authentic"

Season #3 Episode #63

Dr. Michelle Cleere and Emma Doyle met at the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Symposium many years ago and they have become great friends. They share a similar philosophy on the importance of working on your mindset as the key to your success on and off the court and in and out of the board room.

As a Global Performance Coach, Dr. Michelle Cleere helps top athletes, musicians, and executives in competitive fields unlock the power of the mind and create mental toughness to be the best. Having struggled most of her life with her own performance hurdles, she is driven by not wanting others to experience the same battles. Dr. Michelle’s extensive academic background, which includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Sport Psychology, allows her to help clients deal with performance anxiety, gain more confidence, and build resilience. As many clients attest, their experience with Dr. Michelle is exactly what they needed and more than they expected – it was life-changing.

In addition to 1-1 coaching, Dr. Michelle takes on many roles – a best-selling author, athlete, national speaker and teacher. Dr. Michelle’s bestseller program, Beating the Tennis Demons, helps professional, college and junior tennis players develop practical skills to gain more control over competitive environments and mitigate the interruption in play to overcome intense odds and defeat adversity. What does Dr. Michelle Cleere think makes a great coach? Someone who is positive, encouraging and authentic. Thank you for living all of these qualities day in and day out and impacting so many lives. Enjoy this short and insightful interview.

Dr. Michelle has developed simple and effective tools that are used by coaches around the world. She has collaborated with PTR, USPTA, USTA, Evolve9 and WTCA. She has written for many publications in the field, such as Tennis Pro Magazine, Elite Tennis Journal, ADDvantage Magazine, Tennis Industry Magazine, National Senior Women’s Tennis Association, Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association, and Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association.