Mark Jeffery - A great coach has "love, passion and accountability"

Season #3 Episode #60

Emma Doyle first met Mark Jeffery (UK based) when he asked her to speak at the virtual conference called the Winning Summit. They instantly connected on a human level and their passion to bridge the gap between machines and humans so that you can win more on and off the tennis court. What does Mark think makes a great coach? Someone who has love, passion and accountability.

Mark has had a very diverse and varied career, all innovations, underpinned by his love of tennis. A commissioned officer and army tennis champion, he played on the hallowed grass of Wimbledon for fifteen years against the RAF and Navy. Tennis was his universal language to new friends around the world as he played for the local tennis clubs wherever he went.

After the army, he ran David Lloyd's first big 'box' tennis club. He was the Event Director for the Super Series Benson and Hedges Tennis Championship at Wembley. More recently, a hobby in semi-retirement, bringing Military training into tennis to invent a one of a kind training methodology called, BIG POINT PLAYER. This, in turn, led him to his life's mission as the creator of The WINNING SUMMIT .... to accelerate personal development through training to compete in tennis.

You can hear more from Mark and Emma at the Winning Summit ( We hope you enjoy this episode and that we see you at the Winning Summit Events in the future.