John Buchanan - "Who you are is the process by which you have achieved your results"

Season #3 Episode #59

Emma Doyle interviewed John Buchanan back in 2019 and the content from this interview is still so relevant today! He talks about his best coaching moments which are when he feels like he doesn't have to coach! Then our guest coach, Damo (Damian Carmody-Stephens) talks to Emma about John's comments as well as some gold dust moments like;

  • How to reverse engineer a win
  • Your level is your level on your worse day
  • Who you are is the process by which you have achieved your results

And many more. We hope you enjoy this short interview and extended discussion about coaching.
John Buchanan is the Director and Owner of Buchanan Success Coaching. A business designed to enhance corporate success through the winning lessons from sport. John is passionate about coaching and the striking impact that quality coaching has on peak performance for individuals, leaders, and teams. His credentials as a leader and coach of teams are world-renowned. A leader with a unique perspective on the world, John is at home in any environment which seeks change, a desire for peak performance, and a vision to be the game-changers. John has a relaxed and personable manner and in combination with his absolute passion for coaching engages with all audiences who choose this journey.

With over 30 years in international coaching, education, and organizational management. John brings this experience and wisdom to his role as Peak Performance Strategist.