Eniel Polynice - A great coach cares, listens, & is consistent

Season #3 Episode #57

Emma Doyle met Eniel Polynice by chance when he was visiting Dever from California and they immediately connected talking about everything to do with high-performance sport and coaching. What does Eniel think makes a great coach? Someone who cares, listens, and shows consistency.

Eniel Polynice is the owner and founder of 2 Nice Elite Basketball Coaching. He went to Booker High School and was the class 4A MVP, all-star MVP, MR Florida in 2006. He then went to college at the University of Mississippi in 2006/2007-2011 where he graduated with a bachelor degree in journalism. Also during his college career, he scored 1,000 points, 400 rebounds and 400 assists. He went on to start his masters in strategic communications and after that, he went on to play for two years with the Lakers organization and nine years in Europe as well as overseas where he played in ten different countries. To find out more about Eniel's coaching, please visit: https://www.2niceelite.com/