Jen Armstrong - "Failures can lead to your success"

Season #3 Episode #55

Since moving to Colorado, Emma Doyle has been meeting many of the local tennis pro's as well as supporting local tennis businesses. This is how Emma and first met Jen Armstrong at the retail shop in Denver called Game, Set, Match. Jen's positive energy, radiant smile and passion for tennis within the community are some of the reasons we wanted to have her on the show as well as the fact that she told us how much she enjoys listening to The Coaching Podcast. Below are some of her credentials: - Competitive 4.0/4.5 player, USPTA Professional Pro -Teaching Pro at Lebsack, Highlands Ranch, Colorado -Retail Sales Manager of University Hills, Game-Set-Match, Inc. -JV Coach for Kent Denver High School Girls Tennis - Assistant Varsity Coach for East High School Boys Tennis -2021 Denver City Open Doubles Champion and Singles Finalist - 2019 Colorado State Open Doubles Champion and Singles Finalist - Mother of two teenage boys who are Eagle Scouts, married 23 yrs and counting - I'm passionate about teaching and love being a part of other's development pathways sharing their smiles.

Jen's motto is - "Failures can lead to your success. Don't be afraid to try, ask why and learn."