Andy Scantland - How do you practice your deep-level listening skills?

Season #2 Episode #40

Emma Doyle interviews Andy Scantland through her connection with the ICF chapter in Colorado. Simon and Emma then share their insights on this interview especially around deep level listening and how to ask targeted questions.
Andy's passion is in helping people to lead in a more effective, confident and inspiring way. He helps businesses scale by scaling their leadership.
While some people are naturally-born good leaders, most of us are not. Good leadership practice can be learned if you have a desire to serve people and a willingness to stretch and grow. He is dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their potential and showing up in their strengths, as their most authentic and inspiring selves.
He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), trained through the ICF-accredited Co-Active Training Institute as well as certified Strengths Coach through The Marcus Buckingham Company., in Brain-based Coaching through the NeuroLeadership Institute and in Fred Kofman's Conscious Leadership model.
If you have a desire to enhance your leadership impact, please reach out to Andy: [email protected]