Alison Kitchen - "What was your biggest failure and how did you rebuild from it?"

Season #2 Episode #37

When you have the opportunity to interview a leader in her field who happens to be the National Chairman of KPMG in Australia, then you do not pass up an opportunity like this one.
Alison Kitchen is the National Chairman of KPMG Australia and also serves as a member of KPMG’s Global and Regional Boards. Alison has held a variety of management and governance roles within the partnership as well as serving as External Audit Partner for a range of major ASX listed companies.
Alison has worked in geographically diverse and complex operating environments providing advice on a range of topics including audit, risk, management, internal controls, business processes and regulatory change. Alison’s experience spans a range of industries including energy, mining, transport and consumer goods and financial services.
During Alison’s time at KPMG, Alison has acted as lead audit partner on five ASX Top 50 companies with global operations and has significant transaction experience with those clients.
In her current role as National Chairman, Alison is responsible for the overall governance and strategic positioning of KPMG in Australia. Alison also remains the lead partner for ANZ’s external audit.
Alison is a member of Chief Executive Women.