Michelle Guiliano - "When was the last time that you looked at another sport discipline for a measure of excellence that you can apply to your coaching?"

Season #2 Episode #36

Michelle Guiliano is the Co-Founder at Salt Consulting & Communications. Emma and Michelle met when they were both speaking at the Festival of Doers in Switzerland. Emma was immediately impressed with both Michelle and Denise Nickerson's ability to engage an audience with practical and realistic strategies for people to action and live the best story of their lives.

Michelle Guiliano is an Innovator, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Development and Strategy Consultant, experienced Executive Search Professional, and Coach. She leads teams from within and is a catalyst in the creation of high-performance culture wherever she works. Energy, enthusiasm, and creativity fuel her rapid assessment of opportunities, resources, and solutions to bring teams and companies into practical, actionable, alignment with their vision. Skills from endurance sports inform her coaching practice. She collaborates with executive clients on guidelines, attitudes and habits that make a measurable difference in streamlining the path to excellence. With her business partner, she has coached over 100 sports coaches, including Olympic and national-level coaches, in human development, empathy, active listening, mindfulness, and communication skills through a Swiss Olympic-approved curriculum. She co-created a technology for Strategic Teaming for those in crisis through her own personal experience of teaming learned through personal crisis and sports.
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