Mehrban Iranshad

Season #1 Episode #16

Emma Doyle interviews the host of The Tennis Files Podcast, Mehrban Iranshad. Emma has been a part of Mehrban's Tennis Summit for the past few years and he is such a humble guy.
Mehrban is a former Division I college tennis player and nationally-ranked junior. In 2015, he founded Tennis Files, a website devoted to helping people become better tennis players. Mehrban is also the host of The Tennis Files Podcast, where he interviews professional tennis players and coaches to help his audience improve their games and reach the next level. His podcast is one of the top-rated tennis interview shows on iTunes.
Mehrban is extremely passionate about tennis. His goal is to make the highest-quality tennis content available to as many people as possible. He loves tennis and wants to do everything he can to advance the sport . Mehrban is also an attorney and plays in tournaments and 5.0 USTA Leagues. And last but not least, he is your proud Host of the world's first ever Tennis Technique Summit.