Manu 'Swish' Goswami

Season #1 Episode #15

Simon interviews Manu 'Swish' Goswami, one of the worlds top youth entrepreneurs, public speakers and venture capitalists. A coach and mentor for young, up and coming entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in business and to impact the world.
Speaker Manu Swish Goswami, is the CEO of Trufan, a social intelligence platform that helps over eighty of the world’s biggest brands and celebrities sell directly to their top fans. Trufan has raised over $1M to date (from several NBA players and venture firms) and has clientele that notably includes Visionary Music Group, FaZe Clan, Hootsuite, Dwayne Wade and Kyle Kuzma. Before running Trufan, Swish consulted for Fortune 500 companies like Western Union and worked at JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital.