'The Bucket List Guy' Travis Bell

Season #1 Episode #10

Travis Bell, 'The Bucket List Guy' is interviewed by Emma Doyle. With an episode chock full of interesting discussion and moments, including Simon revealing his musical 'talents' and Emma providing a fascinating insight to her previous adventures into the world of competitive dance. Trav Bell also turns the tables on The Coaching Podcast by asking 'What makes a great coach?' as his question for the show.
Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy...The World╩╝s #1 Bucket List Expert.
As a self-appointed ╩╗Bucket Listologist╩╝, Trav has obsessively studied the Bucket List phenomenon & blended the world╩╝s best Positive Psychology principles to create his own unique Bucket List Life Philosophy. He has designed his life around his Bucket List and now he helps Bucket Listers all over the globe create and cross off theirs.
A Bucket List is a tangible reason ╩╗Why╩╝. A Life Plan that has the power to transform every area of your life. It will help to decrease life╩╝s distractions & increase your focus on what truly makes you happy. But this is way more than just writing a simple list. This is about the journey you╩╝ll experience in the process of achieving your list & about the person you become in the process.
Trav says he has a special super-power! His super-power is to stop people just existing, stop ╩╗ground-hog╩╝ days, stop waiting for ╩╗someday╩╝ or ╩╗the perfect timing╩╝ to come around. He wakes people up, gets them off the treadmill of life & helps them to start living life on purpose.
Before Trav became ╩╗The Bucket List Guy╩╝, he built a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with 1 client, he & his team went on to do over a million personal training sessions & motivated 10's of 1000's of clients. This is the foundation for why Trav is now regarded as one of Australia╩╝s foremost Personal Development Speakers & Life Coaches.
Described as ÔÇťinfectiously motivatingÔÇŁ, Trav always brings fresh stories to each seminar & event he does because he╩╝s out there practising what he preaches. His ╩╗crazy╩╝ Bucket List adventures are hilarious & truly inspirational.