Claude Silver

Season #1 Episode #8

Simon interviews Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer for Gary Vaynerchuk's company VaynerMedia. Early in the interview, Claude reveals her worst coaching experience which somehow combines climbing a mountain and Nine Inch Nails! Claude reveals the essence of what makes her, and VaynerMedia tick and how through her coaching she strives to help people light up and bring their best to work every day. This is a must-listen, creating incredible topics for Simon and Emma to explore with gusto...and they do!
Claude Silver is VaynerMedia's Chief Heart Officer, the capstone of a career focused on guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, and management. An abiding passion for creating spaces in which people can thrive defined her previous leadership positions at J. Her life’s purpose is to be of joyful service and unlock emotional optimism in all. Check out her amazing Podcast called: Emotional Optimism - Living in the Silver Lining