#95: DR. JEA - The Destination Declaration!

Season #4

Margaritas and green chilly smothered burritos might signify a coaching ‘comfort food’ moment but there’s no denying, Dr JEA knows exactly when to chase the challenge and embrace the journey. Dr JEA extracts the brilliance inside with her take on responsible risks and the magic that happens when you're out of your comfort zone. She’s hardwired for a challenge and delves into the life lesson of how to tie-up your shoelaces with joy, energy and achievement! Inhale her geek out on wrapping words and exhale the ‘destination declaration’ – that can change at any darn time throughout this Podcast!

Emma Doyle met Dr. JEA when they were both keynote speakers at the Mile High Society Human Resource Managers conference in January of 2022, and an instant alignment formed. This fast-paced episode covers;

  • Great Coaching Moment - Future focused and challenge orientated! 2:00
  • The Brilliance Inside 4:10
  • Coaching Moment that didn't go so well - Courageously asking the hard questions 5:50
  • Margaritas and green chilly smothered burritos! 6:23
  • Discomfort - wired for challenge 7:50
  • Sliding Doors Moment - 9:00
  • What if? 12:00
  • Responsible Risk - the magic that happens when you're out of your comfort zone 13:50
  • What makes a great coach? Reveal their Brilliance 14:25
  • How to help people form their identity through coaching 15:50
  • Alignment 18:22
  • The Shoe Analogy 24:40
  • Do you mind if I share pivot moments that others have made in their career? 25:00
  • The Decision Making Matrix 26:20
  • Sentence Tool - (Your name) is one of the most powerful, respected and influential (insert your quality) in the world! 29:20
  • Destination Declaration; you can change it or create it at any darn time! 31:10
  • ZPD - Zone of Proximal Development (The Shoe Analogy) 32:00
  • Clarity Chart - Inhale 3 words - Exhale be present 38:50 

About Dr. JEA (Jennifer E. Arzberger, Ph.D.). Dr. JEA is the Champion of Brilliance CEO and lives by the mantra of 'you are the leader of your life'!

An educator, entrepreneur, optimist, achievement accelerator and most important of all, a proud mom, Dr. JEA inspires individuals to build brilliance in their lives, to live with confidence, compassion and courage. 

“One thing I believe with my whole heart is that we are all leaders. Each and every day we lead the most important (and difficult) person on the planet: ourselves. You are the leader of your life; the author of your life story! Reveal your BRILLIANCE and write an amazing chapter!"

From the joy-filled walls of the classroom, Dr. JEA began levelling her success and influence across the globe. Leading the way as an edu-preneur, Dr. JEA founded downtown Denver’s first elementary school. She played a key role in the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Colorado Department of Education, incubating innovation in Educator Preparation under the leadership of the Lieutenant Governor.

Her experiences have provided her with opportunities to advise the White House and Gates Foundation. Eager to explore the industries our children will enter after graduation, Dr. JEA identified Tech as the best place to discover the skills and dispositions our children will need to succeed in the 21st Century. She is now a proud Identian and created Ping Identity’sfirst learning and performance function. She loves training leaders and high performers across the globe and exploring the intersection of organizational and individual identities and their influence on corporate culture and workplace well-being. Dr. JEA is the founder and Champion of Building Brilliance, where she uses her creative and scholarly talents to help women design lives that transcend the ordinary through The Life Design Lab and High Performance Coaching.

Dr. JEA completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Educational Administration and Policy at the University of Denver. Her doctoral research focused on leading in a culture of innovation and change. Additionally, she completed the Get Smart Schools Fellowship to catapult leaders into achieving excellence. Dr. JEA earned her M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado, M.A. in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona, and B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona. Dr. JEA has served as an instructor at CU Denver teaching the following courses: Psychology of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children; Research in Schools; Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods; Human Learning; Children's Thinking; Social Psychology of Learning; and Advanced Psychological Foundations.  

Through her work, Dr. JEA inspires individuals to adopt high performance habits, practice self-leadership and design lives that transcend the ordinary. Follow Dr. JEA via: