#96: Kenneth Bastiaens: Open Mindset

Season #4

The Coaching Podcast delivers an Ace this week, a snap-shot into the open mindset of coach, Kenneth Bastiaens. His coaching philosophy is all about being there for the player and growing as a coach, to better develop and create more value for others. In this episode, you can fast-track to;

  •  ‘…this is the way YOU look at it.’ 1:20
  • Sliding Doors moment 2:00 
  • What makes a great coach? 3:15
  • Question for the Coaching Podcast: How do you think a career is shaped by the person you would like to be in life? 3:40

KENNETH BASTIAENS is the director of Coach2Competence and creator of Multi SkillZ. He is a passionate trainer who knows how to translate scientific knowledge into sports training.

Kenneth created the Multi SkillZ method to better prepare children for sports and life, regardless of their age, level or predisposition. He is committed to inspire and educate coaches and teachers around the world, to always follow a skill-based bottom-up strategy for durable development, with a mantra of ‘the long way, the right way’.

Kenneth loves to help coaches and their athletes by sharing his passion, insights and knowledge. Learn how to get more out of being with your players: more action + faster learning = better improvement. 

Since 2014, Kenneth has created skill-based development programs with the National Sports Federation to innovate their training-approach: Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics, and he continues to train High Performance Coaches in The Netherlands and for British Tennis (LTA). 

Get inspired and energized by Kenneth Bastiaens!