#98: Gabe Jaramillo: What is your dream?

Season #4

No surprises here but Gabe Jaramillo, with his trademark Akubra hat, is going to become a Coaching Podcast favourite! Gabe is in the business of building confidence and believing in the power of the dream - BIG dreams! His compelling coaching moments, of which there are many, recount the struggles and success stories of working with world-renowned tennis players, including Kei Nishikori, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Arias,  Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova and Monica Seles. Gabe’s stories are guaranteed game-changers in unlocking our own potential; so stay tuned-in until the very end to discover Emma Doyle's dream! Gabe's knowledge, wisdom, planning, passion and declaration of purpose, have seen him accomplish incredible results and amass a huge ‘Tennis on Demand’ social media following, spreading the word on what it takes to be a coach and/or parent of a talented player. Speaking of innovating, fast-track to;

  • Best Coaching Moment 3:15
  • The difference between talent and potential 5:30
  • Coaching moment that didn’t go so well - You call yourself a coach? 8:20
  • Sliding Doors Question – My player, my athlete, my student 14:43
  • What is your dream? – No.1 in the world…a declaration of purpose 18:00
  • What makes a great coach? What did you learn? 19:25
  • How do we find balance? 23:10
  • Best coaches in the world…we never stop learning 25:20
  • Responsibility of social media 27:05
  • Talent & Potential - negotiation from a very early age 30:00
  • 9-year-old Maria Sharapova ‘what is my objective for today?’ 34:14
  • What is Emma Doyle's dream? 38:30

Let us know, what did you learn? What is your dream?

About Gabe Jaramillo 

Gabe Jaramillo is a Colombian/American renowned Tennis Coach, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Consultant, Influencer, and Motivational Speaker. Jaramillo is Senior Executive Vice President, Director of Tennis Training at Altitude International Holdings Inc. and serves on its Board of Directors, (pun intended!).

Jaramillo worked with and developed many of the greatest players in tennis history, including training 11 of the world's No.1-ranked players and 27 top-10 players, such as Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Mary Pierce, Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles, and Kei Nishikori. 

Jaramillo is the co-founder of Club Med Academies, now Altitude Academies. His Tennis On Demand YouTube channel has over 10 million viewers, Facebook reaches over 100 thousand, and his Instagram in excess of 65 thousand followers.

 Tennis on Demand YouTube https://youtu.be/fyB0z-xtMMc