#102: Simon Wheatley - Write more than you Read!

Season #5

Our international coach educator and player development consultant from the United Kingdom is Simon Wheatley. In this episode, Simon talks about the importance of "chewing gum" in that we must be continuously reflecting on our skills. Great coaches are like Sherlock Holmes - they can process things quickly and use deductive reasoning to make effective decisions. Even though we are all just "corks bobbing in the ocean", we have the ability to be a "Tour de Force" in our own lives in order to create a ripple effect and build from every learning experience. 

If are want a snapshot of Simon's pearls of wisdom in this very honest episode - cut to the chase below;

  • Best coaching moment – you improve people by making them more competent 3:28
  • Worst professional moment – handling redundancy 6:10
  • Sliding Doors – the ripple effect of going to university and find your point of difference to accelerate your career 9:06
  • *Note: "Write more than you read!" And develop your opinions.
  • What makes a great coach? 15:48
  • What separates you from others? Why you in that role? What led you to that role? 19:50
  • What messages keep showing up in your life? The shortage of coaches 22:48
  • Invest in your people 29:30
  • Did you ever question your coaching career? 30:16
  • Learning from others: Peter King - 'See the problem and zoom out from it, from afar.' See the problem a different way 33:10
  • When someone has a different point of view from you -
    • 1. Really Listen (don't try to win the argument) - Pull back.
    • 2. Summarize and paraphrase what the person has said back to them
  • Great leaders are around the table, not at the top of the table 36:33
  • Be a dolphin trainer, keep feeding the fish when they are doing well (the power of positive praise is seductive) 37:32


 You can find this thought leader on Instagram (Wheatleytennis2022), Linked In and Facebook and learn more about his background below.

  • Simon Wheatley is an International Coach Education & Player Development Consultant. 
  • Formerly LTA Performance Coach Education Manager, he was responsible for the development of Performance Coaches across British Tennis. 
  • He is an author of 2 books, 3 Coaching Qualifications and over 50 CPD workshops. 
  • He has spoken in over 50 countries around the world and consults with 17 Tennis Federations around the world. 
  • He currently delivers the Highest Coaching Qualification in the Nederland's and Poland as well as holding the post of Performance Consultant to the PTR UK. 
  • Level 5 LTA Master Performance Coach and LTA Tutor 
  • ITF Expert 
  • Simon is one of the worlds leading coaches & coach educators in Technical & Tactical Skill Development at all ages & Stages of the pathway. 

And if you wait until the very end of the episode, you will hear what Simon Wheatley answered back in 2017 as to 'What Makes a Great Coach?'