#103: Dr Pat Williams: Coaching is like Being an Explorer

Season #5

Dr Pat Williams is the Guru of emotional nakedness! Psychologist, turned professional Coach and founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, Dr Pat waxes lyrical on the familiar questions posed by Emma, and delivers some 'edgy questions' of his own in return. Prepare yourself for memorable metaphors; I call coaching snorkeling, the coach as explorer, I’m like a sheep in wolves' clothing and getting naked; be your authentic self, just don't get naked with everybody! 

Dr Pat's brother (lawyer) said to him once:
"This coaching profession is interesting. You get paid for asking questions, that neither you, nor your client, know the answer to, and I get paid for asking questions that I already know the answer to as a lawyer." Discover why Dr Pat is willing to be comfortable not knowing all the answers!! 

What's next, in this rapid-fire episode;

  • Vegemite; What's your take? 1:18 
  • Great Coaching Moment: Here to ask the questions that others don't 2:00
  • Coaching Moment on the flipside: hired because of my laugh! 3:45
  • Sliding Doors: I'm no longer a psychologist - I'm a coach! 6:25
  • Metaphor of life: Explorers 8:10
  • What makes a great coach? 9:40
  • Expert Witness: A willingness to be comfortable not knowing. 10:54
  • We're not a guru! What did the inspirational student say to the guru?  11:55
  • What's that one question that sparks your curiosity? 12:25
  • Work Life Balance Myth: We are in a constant state of motion - balance is only a fleeting moment. 16:35
  • Concept of Adaptability 17:40
  • What would be a question, that I could ask you now, that would make a difference? 18:22
  • What's next? 18:50
  • Normalise Living: Exploring the moment 20:00
  • Experiences that Inform 21:20
  • Think out loud with a committed listener. 23:19
  • I Call Coaching Snorkeling - just under the surface, there's a different perspective 24:30
  • Getting Naked - Be your authentic self, just don't get naked with everybody! 25:14
  • What's something you don't share with people? 29:35
  • Edgy Questions 31:07
  • The Power of Eight - Attention to Intention 34:53
    (Note: learn more here about Lynne McTaggart)
  • How do you set an intention? 38:00
  • We had to go there: Golf – your brain doesn’t understand “don’t hit it in the lake!” 38:00
  • “Learn what you're learning, while you're learning it.” Timothy Gallwey 46:00
  • Have a self-reflecting practice. 50:00


Dr Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC, is founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice. He is a licensed psychologist who began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM and Kodak. He joined Coach U and was an International Coach Federation founding member.

Dr. Pat is a past ICF board member and past president of ACTO, (Association of Coach Training Organizations) and honorary VP of the International Society for Coaching Psychology

 He co-authored Therapist as Coach: Transforming Your Practice and Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance your Practice and Your life. His best-selling book (with Diane Menendez), is Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training, and he co-edited Law and Ethics of Coaching, used at many academic institutions and training schools.

Pat’s background education is in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, with specialized training in Psychosynthesis. 

He has been a leader in the field of professional coaching and speaks worldwide.

His newest book, Getting Naked: On Emotional Transparency at the Right Time, the Right Place and with the Right Person is available on Amazon and audiobooks.