#105: Lanasia Angelina: Power Up! Your mindset muscle is about to get a workout!

Season #5

You’ll enjoy this lively conversation between Emma Doyle and Lanasia Angelina, it’s sheer energy off the page! Your mindset muscle is about to get a workout – “power up on that! Girl, we got work to do!” Lanasia is the The Professional's Coach! She gravitates towards studying sports coaches that are hard drivers, with the will to win; “that’s how I show up in the world! Coaching is me, helping people to see behind the blind spots – beyond their perceived expectations!” Lanasia empowers company employees and individuals to level up in their performance, or leave. Either way you win, because focusing on the person impacts the bottom line! She won’t let self-doubt scare the money away, and fear has to take a back seat to the purpose, you can take it with you — just don’t let it drive!!

 Get ready to power up as we cover;

  • Best Coaching Moment: We don’t get started on goals. 2:40
  • Coaching Moment that didn’t go so well: Area of genius, it’s okay to refer. 4:45
  • Sliding Doors: Heartbreak — use this pain to paralyse me or I’m going to use this pain to get really clear about my purpose. Power up on that! Girl, we got work to do! 8:03
  • Rise — It’s a testimony. Resilience is in my nature. 11:59
  • What makes a great coach? 12:40
  • What was your break through moment? 18:59
  • The Professional's Coach: Bridge the gap between their good, and their great. People want money and love! 23:00
  • Tell me about yourself? What brings you to coaching? The more clear about the first question, the more evident what to do becomes. 25:00
  • The Great Resignation 27:25
  • Sports Coaches: Hard drivers, don’t limit themselves; you got to look for the discomfort! 31:28
  • Calibrated Questions: I’ve never been asked that before! Your idea, to be their idea. 33:44
  • Last little titbits?: “I’m the only problem that I’ll ever have, and I am the solution” Bob Proctor. Fear has to take a back seat to the purpose, you can take it with you — don’t let it drive! 37:46 

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LANASIA ANGELINA - The Professional’s Coach

Delivering an unparalleled language and light that shifts changemakers from ordinary mindsets to vital self-enlightenment, Lanasia Angelina (Buck) is The Professional’s Coach.

Serving hundreds over a decade of transformational roles, the certified life coach, NLP practitioner, author, vigorous speaker and owner of Rise Coaching Agency, Lanasia Angelina has established a blueprint for personal development in professional spaces. With transcending expertise, Lanasia leads Rise as an integral self-evolving home to ambitious achievers. Lanasia’s adaptive work instills critical self-consciousness and self pride in each of its’ clients. In her privilege of being a conduit of change and part of one’s life experience, Lanasia executes techniques of innate and strategic anomaly that profoundly shifts identities while helping people access and experience their greatness within.  

As a genuine and attested source who calls people to rise above their own limitations into extraordinary livelihood, Lanasia is a loyal leader and intuitive expert dedicated to ambitious professionals and those who aspire to bridge the gap between their good and their great on a journey of pivotal discovery and acceptance. Meeting each individual at their distinctive place in life, Lanasia masters the art of elevating, strengthening and securing one’s personal creed as a navigation guide to one’s greatness.

Lanasia drives the life experience forward through her resolute philosophy:

 “Everything you need is already within you. You just have to activate it.”

Consistently raising the bars of excellence in others, Lanasia Angelina welcomes you to demand your own measure of excellence and activate the depths of your eminence.