#108: Emma Wells - The 5 C's of being a Tennispreneur

Season #5

Today's guest is a tennis coach and business owner, Emma Wells - she is honest, heartfelt, and believes that in the 5 C's if you want to be a TennisPreneur:

  1. Caring - it's a people game
  2. Consistent - be consistent in everything you do - from branding to how to treat different people
  3. Creative - if you want to bring fun, gamification and learning
  4. Community - create a place where people feel like they belong
  5. Comfortable - create environments where everyone feels comfortable

Emma Wells follows her dreams and seeks out advice from business coaches to help her be a better coach, leader, person, and manager. In this episode you will hear about;

  • Best Coaching Moment: Unexpected lessons from COVID-19. 1:49
  • Worst Coaching Moment: The unpredictable UK coaching weather and being consistent with parents - finding that balance is not always easy. 4:24
  • Sliding Doors: Listen to Emma Doyle's shock when she features in Emma Wells' sliding doors moment! 6:51
  • What makes a great coach? 3 C's - Caring, consistent and creative. 8:23
  • Remember that kids are "children before players" and sometimes we forget this! 10:53 & Focused fun is conditioned learning. 11:48
  • What's the motivation? Why are you doing what you are doing? What motivates you to be a coach? What's your why? 12:56
  • Business mentor question: "Where do you value your time the most?"  14:51
  • What's important to you when growing your coaching team? Accountability, trust, and training the skills required for different roles. 17:47 
  • Use gamification if you want to motivate the next generation of learners and create a sense of "connection". 19:35
  • Growing up in a pub - Lesson 1: What's your unique selling proposition (USP)? 21:15
  • What is Emma's coaching philosophy?
    "To empower every child and person to be the best they can be." 23:11
  • Dealing with parents in explaining your teaching and coaching philosophy. 24:12
  • If your philosophy matches where you want to go - work hard at it. The importance of role models. 26.09
  • You don't need to be good at everything." 29:38 
  • Follow your dreams. 31.07 Because "You don't need to be good at everything." 

Emma Wells Bio:

Business Owner/Head of PTR UK.

Emma runs her own coaching company in Wimbledon with 700 weekly players and a team of 5 coaches, as well as this Emma is Head of PTR UK and is the first ever Female National Director for PTR and also tutors for the LTA in training school teachers & university students on the LTA Youth programs.

Emma worked closely with the LTA in developing the Tennis For Kids program from 2015-18 as well as managing the implementation of LTA programs for the biggest public outdoor provider of tennis in the UK.

Specialising in U10 delivery Emma has been a speaker for PTR, USPTA, Evolve 9, WTCA, Coach the Coaches, Emma has worked with Women’s Health Magazine and recently was interviewed live on national television on the ITV This Morning show with over 1 million viewers. 

You can follow Emma Wells here: Social Handle: @emmawellstennis

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