#109: Carol Fox - Creating a ripple effect!

Season #5

Carol Fox is one of Australia's best-known coaches. Emma Doyle met back in the early 1990's when Emma purchased her CD set on how to improve your communication skills! Emma has been inspired by Carol's work ever since.

Carol is a force of energy and she understands what it takes to be a great coach. In fact, she features in Emma Doyle's new book, What Makes a Great Coach? in Practice 3: Purpose believing that great coaches must have INTENTION in everything that they do. Thank you for making me a better coach, Carol Fox.

Take a deeper dive into this powerful, short and engaging interview by listening to the following key messages:

  • Worst coaching moment - how do you show up as a coach? Stay true to yourself. 1.10
  • Drop a pebble in a pond and watch the ripple effect. 1.47
  • Sliding Doors Moment - Surf Life Saving moment - Female Empowerment. 2.20
  • What Makes a Great Coach? Intent, Heart-space, (be) true & kind. 4.01
  • Coach reflection question: How do you stay true to yourself? 4.43

Acknowledged as an Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence, Carol brings thirty years of expertise and experience in elite sport performance to ensure leaders eliminate self-doubt and build more confidence, so they enjoy positive interactions at work and achieve successful outcomes. 

Carol is the co-author of Confident Communication for Leaders and is the creator and founder of the program this book inspired. 

In the course of her career, Carol has worked with entire generations of leaders, influencing, guiding and inspiring them into effective, powerful, community-shaping action. 

Her philosophy of applying the behaviours of elite performance to our own life at home and at work is simply transformational, enabling people to live at their best, with grace, flow, strength and confidence. 

Carol’s work with leaders is a compilation of the lessons she’s learned in her thirty-year journey at the forefront of both business and sport, with her focus on confident communication, which stems from the power of aligning values to behaviour. 

A former elite athlete in swimming, water polo and surf lifesaving and a busy entrepreneur, Carol is well practised with the skills of resilience, maintaining a quality mindset and balance, all required for high performance, personally and professionally. Carol’s Master’s thesis focusing on the barriers women face in coaching sport at an elite level paved the way for equal opportunities policies for women and girls in sport. 

She remains a vocal advocate for confident communication as a leadership tool to give women a voice and a presence on the field, in the workplace and in the Boardroom. 

Her website is: https://www.carolfox.com/