#111: Martin Fairn - How can coaches bridge the gap from "Truth to Talent"?

Season #5

What a wonderful dialogue with our guest today, CEO of Gazing Performance Systems, Martin Fairn. Martin has a wealth of experience as a former elite ruby athlete himself and working in the corporate world before co-founding Gazing. Martin and his team work with athletes, teams, and corporates helping train mental skills in order to perform under pressure. They specialize in riding the gap between truth to talent. Check out the pearls of wisdom from this episode at the following time stamps;

  • Worst coaching moment: telling and convincing "versus" this is about a dialogue, not a monologue 2.00 
  • Best coaching moments: when people"playback" what they have heard with meaning, intent and in their own language 3.04 
  • When the golf ball leaves your club, it is in the can't control circle 3.55 
  • Peer coaching: "SEE ONE, DO ONE, TEACH ONE" 5.41 
  • Sliding Doors 7.46 
  • What makes a great coach? "Truth to talent." 9.57 
  • How do you close the gap? 15.27 
  • If the aspiration is the summit, you have to start somewhere and place your attention on getting to base camp first 17.23 
  • If you want the "win" so bad, this is often someone's greatest motivator and their biggest inhibitor (Mindset is a mental SKILL that can be trained) 18.37
  • How did Martin handle pressure as a Ruby athlete himself? 21.18 
  • What is the story behind your company's name: 'Gazing' 22.40 
  • And from the website: Our name is derived from the Gazing Principle®, practised and developed by the Japanese swordsman and philosopher Musashi. Musashi’s success was based on a ‘double gaze’ – one eye on the immediate situation (the opponent) and the other on the bigger picture (the wider battlefield), and the ability to switch constantly between the two. Gazing’s approach centres on the human ability to perform under pressure using practical concepts that you can apply immediately.
  • What are the control circles? 24.56 
  • Performing "WITH" pressure 30.31
  • 1) Acknowledge the mindset plays a role (train the mindset skill)
  • 2) Accept that we are all human and vulnerable to pressure and impact performance
  •  3) So, what can you do about it? Build your skills and your resiliency. What skills do I need to add to my toolkit?
  •  What is RED to BLUE? It's a framework 33.28 
  • Where our attention goes our energy will follow 34.10
  • How do you teach presence? 36.55
  • What are the Red to Blue skills? 38.45
  • 1) Self-awareness
  • 2) Acceptance
  • 3) Selection of attention (energy)
  • What impact has GAZING had on the ALL BLACKS (New Zealand Ruby team?) 43.00
  • What makes a great CEO? 45.46

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Martin Fairn is the Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Gazing Performance Systems. Martin has been with Gazing from the beginning, and as a co-founder has combined his knowledge gained from many different corporate roles, to develop Gazing’s unique framework of equipping individuals to perform well under pressure.

Martin leads the development and implementation of Gazing’s strategy both in the UK and globally, and ranges from engaging with key customers and overseeing the development of the global partner business, to ensure the constant innovation of the Gazing approach. Martin’s role centres around facilitating individual and executive coaching, and team and senior leadership development programmes with the explicit purpose of helping leaders develop the capability to create and sustain an organisation capable of performing under the highest levels of pressure and stress. His work also encompasses delivering at small seminars as well as being a keynote speaker at conferences extending up to 500 attendees, which introduces the concept of “performing under pressure” in a highly practical way that is built on a straightforward understanding of how humans react under pressure.

Martin’s commercial experience was gained at Xerox in a range of roles ranging from Commercial Sales and Key Account Management to going on to become the General Manager at Xerox in Canada. Alongside his professional roles, Martin has enjoyed a successful Rugby Union career playing for Coventry and he was also selected for England’s student team.

Twitter: @gazingtraining

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/gazing-performance-systems

Instagram: @gazingtraining

Facebook: Gazing Performance Systems

Website: https://www.gazing.com 

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