#112: Sheri ann Mclean: Bet on Yourself, Believe in Yourself!

Season #5

Sheri ann loves to learn! Motivated in nurturing her ‘growth bunnies’ and curiously asking ‘the mirror question’ of others, means that she’s invested in growth and development! Sheri-ann can see the greatness in others, guiding them on their own path. Her mantra of ‘bet on yourself, believe in yourself’ and being open to any opportunities that come your way, is Sheri-ann’s mode of operandum! Even as the CEO of McLean Coaching and Consulting, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty! There are many gold nuggets of wisdom and motivation in this energy top up for sports and business coaches alike.

Get to the nitty-gritty in this episode;

  • Coaching Moment that went well: The mirror question – tell me what you see? 2:00
  • Coaching Moment that didn’t go so well: Energy top up 5:15
  • Sliding Doors: Growth Bunnies - Be open, you’ll never know when that opportunity comes 6:40
  • What makes a Great Coach? 9:40
  • Ask Us a Question: 13:20
  • Difference between a psychologist and a coach 14:50
  • Top challenges: Doubt 16:00
  • What makes a great leader?: Not afraid to get your hands dirty! 18:27
  • Cultural background: 19:45
  • Identity: We have to know who we are 24:00
  • Poetry: Bet on yourself, believe in yourself. 26:00
  • What advice would you give to your younger self?: The best is yet to come! 27:00
  • Asking questions means that you’re invested in your growth and development. 30:00
  • Coaching gold nugget: Don’t be afraid to step out 31:20

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Sheri ann Mclean, Founder and CEO of McLean Coaching and Consulting.

Sheri ann was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. One of her many passions is to help people be the best version of themselves. As we go through the different stages in life sometimes, we might feel like giving up. Sheri-ann always believes that there is something out there for everyone; we just, at times, need a little guidance in getting there.

Sheri-ann holds an MSc degree in Applied Psychology from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate for the Developmental Psychology program with Capella University. With over 8 years of leadership experience, she has worked as a consultant and as a capacity-building trainer for at-risk communities in Jamaica and facilitated training for educators in inner-city neighborhoods. She has also consulted for the Jamaica Red Cross in their initiative to update their anti-stigma manual. In her current role as Community Administrator at Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island, she has led teams through change and implemented stabilization plans in programs. She has also trained in the leadership institute for a non-profit to further develop the skills of staff in leadership and management. 

Sheri-ann has been recognized for her leadership skills, including the exceptional leadership skills award and dedication to Cluster 2 and Tall-Tee self-achievement award. In 2019, she was recognized in an article for building a sense of community and was awarded Todays Honoree on April 1st, 2019. She was also awarded the Devereux Massachusetts Systems thinker reward and was a 2020 Devereux Leadership Class member. Most recently, she received the Devereux Supervisory Excellence Award in 2021.

Sheri-ann enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, singing, reading, and writing books and poetry in her free time.