#113: Uros Budimac - Do you love what you do?

Season #5

Get ready for this fun and engaging episode, full of passion, on The Coaching Podcast with Coach, Uros Budimac. Uros lives and breathes being a tennis coach and manager, specializing in coaching Women's Doubles leagues. He shares the importance of individualizing your coaching and embracing the uncertainty that tennis and life provides. He shares some great lessons learned from two of his mentors, Louis Cayer (no excuses) and Wayne Elderton (the eternal optimist). 

Take a closer look at this episode here;

  • Worst coaching moment is when someone doesn't show up (physically and metaphorically) 2:56
  • Conflict = Expectations divided by reality 4:35
  • Breakthrough moments - every student is different 6:50
  • People learn best through opposites 7:15
  • Sliding Doors: Apply for a job for the experience and see what happens 8:01
  • What makes a Great Coach? 10:51 (Patience, individualization)
  • We teach people tennis, not tennis to people. Louis Cayer 14.24
  • How do you balance your time? 14:59
  • Background behind his playing career 18.18
  • It's normal to feel anxious when you are competing. 19.48
  • Hear what is inside Uros' book, "Mine" 21.45
  • The road of life isn't straight. 22.27
  • Coaches - what are the common things that you are repeating? 24.53
  • How to be present 25.51
  • Confidence and belief 26.35
  • The power of positive reinforcement (learning from mentors) 29.46
  • Excuses are for losers. 30.54
  • What makes a great director of a club? 34.22

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Uros Budimac - Burnaby Tennis Club 

Vancouver, Canada Owner of Budimac Tennis Group, Tennis Coach and Author

Uros Budimac is a Tennis Canada High-Performance Level 3 Coach and is also certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association and the Spanish Tennis Registry. He has over 20 years of experience coaching players of all ages and ability levels. He has managed tennis programs at Hollyburn Country Club as well as Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club and is one of Canada’s leading coaches. Uros creates change in a players’ tennis game in a friendly yet highly effective way of communicating and believes that everyone can improve – at all levels of play. He was a National level player in Serbia, followed by a tennis scholarship in the US before moving to Vancouver, Canada and devoting himself to his coaching career, now mainly focusing on Adult Player Development. 

You can follow him here:

Instagram @budimactennis 

Youtube www.youtube.com/doublestennis 

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/uros-budimac-b1016727/ 

Book: www.minedoublesbook.com

Website: www.budimactennis.com

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/BFatx42LhHA