#116 Emma Doyle with Simon Blair - Book-Birthday Special Episode

Season #5

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast as one of the original founders, Simon Blair, takes over as the host for this special BOOK-BIRTHDAY episode. Simon flips the usual podcast questions and interviews Emma about her new book, What Makes a Great Coach? Simon asks Emma what makes a great author and Emma opens open about some of her vulnerable moments about writing the book. Emma also asks Simon about his recent discovery of how to adapt FBI negotiation techniques into his customer experience training programs. Techniques that all coaches can benefit from to help us be more curious, demonstrate great listening and empathy skills as well as validate someone's story. This is an episode not to be missed, filled with gratitude, humility, and celebration.

Check out some of the key moments here:

  • Best moments about writing What Makes a Great Coach? 1.43
  • Best moments about writing What Makes a Great Coach? 6:01
  • Sliding doors book moments: 10:36
  • FBI negotiation techniques - that have been adapted for discovery coaching conversations: 16.01
    • 1) Open conversation: "Tell me ..." 
    • 2) Mirror: Repeat the last thing they said in as few words as possible and then pause (create curiosity)
    • 3) Label: "Sounds like ..." or "seems like ..." (shows empathy and validation)
  • What makes a great author? 24:09 (Individualization, structure and energy)
  • What questions have impacted your book and podcast experience the most? 28.37

Your Guests & Hosts:

Emma Doyle - Energy Coach, Speaker & Performance under Pressure Coach
Website: emmadoyle.com.au
Email: info@emmadoyle.com.au

Simon Blair - Customer Experience Coach and Trainer: Simon Blair
Website: fivedegrees.com.au
Email: [email protected]

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