#117 Amanda Walker: Action Strengthens Belief!

Season #5

It takes some grit to be the ‘Best Damn Coach’, taking clients from the pain cave to the paradise of possibilities, and Amanda Walker, a Certified Master Coach, inspires coaches to become better coaches. Amanda holds her clients accountable! Overcome those imposter thoughts, speak your truth, be in service and break free from being attached to the outcome – ‘I am just as amazing if you say yes or no, and that’s okay.’ Stay tuned and discover the ‘secret sauce’ in this episode;

  • Coaching Moment – that didn’t go well: break free from personal attachment 2:10
  • Coaching Moment – that went well: visibility; overcome those imposter thoughts 4:45
  • Quick tip – being unattached to the outcome “I am just as amazing if you say yes or no, and that’s okay” 5:40
  • Sliding Doors – door closing moment; monotony of being a health professional 6:50
  • What makes a great coach? – Self-belief, ability to create Results, Hold Space Empathy 10:01
  • Modalities – strategies 14:40
  • Certification – coaching toolbox 15:40
  • Podcast Coaching Question – “What’s the one thing they do in their coaching practice that they feel really creates results with clients?” 18:00
  • 5-year-old Amanda – Basketball; first coaching experience 18:50
  • Insights – The art of people 21:40
  • Wellness & Weight loss – The reason people struggle with food has nothing to do with food. 24:35
  • Best Damn Coach 27:00
  • Rhythm between motherhood & coaching 28:30
  • Biggest challenge facing business coaches – speaking your truth, accountability 29:50
  • NLP – What is neuro linguistic programming? 32:10
  • Secret Sauce – Tasking; Action Strengthens Belief 34:30

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Amanda Walker is a Certified Master Coach who inspires coaches to become better coaches. Amanda is passionate about helping coaches and online service-based business owners get their clients massive results in order to grow a profitable coaching practice.  She is the host of the “Best Damn Coach Podcast” and runs the premier coaching program for coaches, Best Damn Coach.

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