#119: Stephanie Angelo: Slaying the Villain of Stagnation

Season #5

This insightful, honest, and vulnerable episode is with a company culture coach, Stephanie Angelo, who is an expert in helping companies thrive. She does this by supporting them to build trust, create safe working environments, and by encouraging listening and empathy skills to bring out the best in people. Stephanie has created The Company Culture Board Game that accompanies her workshops bringing awareness and discussion points to the surface to help leaders take action on the decisions that arise from the game. Stephanie shares her wisdom and knowledge in this wonderful interview - we hope you will enjoy "listening".

  • Best coaching moment: When managers have faith, trust, and positive intentions for their team members 1:50
  • Worst coaching moment: Managers who use you as a verbal punching bag to complain about other managers 4.20
  • One of the villains of company culture is stagnation 7.51
  • Sliding Doors: Complete honesty and vulnerability in that your words matter and the mind and body are intrinsically connected 8:34
  • What makes a Great Coach? 11:26 ("Someone who listens.") - How can you draw the answers out of people and not give the answers?
  • Introverts (this does not mean they are shy) - how do you feel and you deal with certain situations (especially in large group situations) 13.38
  • Revisit: Episode (link) Jordan White on how to coach the introverted leader
  • How can leaders create a safe and trusting space for team members? 15.51 
    • Create time to revisit or renew the company's mission
    • Create suggestion boxes AND get back to people about their suggestions
    • The company culture board game 16.48
  • What stagnates company culture? 23.11
    • Being too comfortable
    • Getting continually buried under things we need to do due to the high season - make a plan to address the areas for development as soon as the high season is over
  • Can you turn company culture about quickly? 26.00
    • Does the magic wand exist?
    • It's important to build trust over time
  • What makes a great speaker? 28.46
    • "You don't have to say everything."
  • "There go my people, I must follow them for I am their leader." How does this quote relate to company culture? 29.51
    • See one, do one, teach one. The importance of peer coaching

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About: Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CVP - Company Culture Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Stephanie works with organizations that want to create a great Company Culture to outlive, outlast and outperform their competition. Stephanie invented the popular board game Company Culture - a Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction® which is an exclusive element in her company culture workshops and can be experienced in-person or virtually.

With her training, speaking and consulting she helps her clients develop strong cultures by establishing customized in-house programs to create Traction not Transaction™ which helps employees do better on their jobs, decrease turnover and create high engagement organizations.

Clients include companies like Scottsdale Healthcare, Doubletree Hotels, CopperPoint Mutual, Faist GreenTec, Intel and Raytheon.  Stephanie has spoken to numerous conferences and associations such as IFMA, BPAA, ASIS and SHRM.

Stephanie has been interviewed on all five Phoenix TV channels and has been featured in publications including the Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Business Journal.

Stephanie is an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter, a professional member of National Speakers Association and a member of Society for Human Resource Management. In 2014 she co-created the first-ever board game to address domestic violence – OUTrage™ – A Game to Recognize and Change Abusive Behavior Stephanie cowrote the true-crime memoir, Serrated, and has spoken all across the U.S., in Canada and in Europe.  She has won several awards for her work.

 Connect with Stephanie

Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanieangelosphr