#120: Martin Parkes: Learn from your successes and build on your strengths

Season #5

At the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) symposium, Emma Doyle had the pleasure of meeting high-performance coach, Martin Parkes. Martin has a very diverse coaching background from being a top junior player from the UK to working with professional players on the tour. He believes in the power of empathy, listening, care, trust, and communication, and using tennis as a tool for people to better themselves. Here are some of the highlights;

  • Worst coaching moment; When the culture isn't right - trust your gut 1.09
  • Best coaching moment: Creating a great culture is all about "learning from your successes and building on them." 2:28
  • Sliding Doors: Performance profiles - does the player see what you see? How to focus on your strengths 4:47
  • What makes a Great Coach? 6:48 (Empathetic listener - communication)
  • Lesson from Allistair McCaw: "I fail every day. Failure is just part of success." 9.08
  • How important is it to be adaptable? Are you doing the things necessary to keep learning and growing? Are you focusing your energy on the areas that you are greatest at? Are you focusing on less to achieve more? From 9.46
  • Resilience: 17 years, 14 different visas, 4 immigration lawyers, and $50,000 dollars for Martin to gain his green card and to fulfill living his dreams 13.00
  • Mindset: Who is the person in front of you? 15.30
  • Don't wait for your dream to come true - act as if it has already happened now! 17.07
  • Martin's new book which is coming soon is called, LOVE 40 - Making better lives through tennis 18.47
  • Are you learning "from" a coach OR "with" a coach for your growth and the growth of others (it's a different perspective) 13.17
  • What is the difference between a mentor, coach, and psychologist? 19.42
  • Your best training partner is the wall! 23.39
  • The skill of learning itself is not just defined by information 27.16
  • Directors of clubs: Creative ideas will open up new possibilities for this next generation of coaches 32.11
  • Top tips on igniting coaches' interest in understanding learning - ask yourself:
    • 1) What are your learning outlets? 33.31
    • 2) Do you think there is a difference between learning and development? 34.24
    • 3) Recommendation: Take 1 day a month when you are learning and/or developing and work on not asking questions or not responding and simply just listen and absorb the information or situation (we learn when we are in silence) 32.52
  • What's next? 34.22

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Bio: Martin Parkes  

A former top junior and professional tennis player from Yorkshire in the U.K., Coach Parkes has been based in the U.S. over the last 22 years and has over 25+ years of coaching and tennis industry experience at every competitive level and educational component of the sport. His coaching philosophy is: “Making Better Lives Through Tennis”   

Career Highlights: 

  • Was honored to earn an EB-1 US Green Card in 2017 for my contributions and influences within my professional career and the tennis industry 
  • 10 years working for Saddlebrook International Tennis Academy and the Lawn Tennis Association in high-performance and competitive player development roles 
  • Coached Saint Leo D2 university men's team to a #1 team ranking, #1 ranked doubles team, and NCAA national final and contributed to the women’s teams to two Final 4 appearances 
  • Completed my bachelor's in Psychology & Exercise Science and later my MBA in sports business with a focus on athletic programs and performance
  • Traveling coach/friend to Jonathan Marray the "2012 Wimbledon men’s doubles champion" 
  • Fortunate to have gained significant exposure, experiences, and leadership opportunities that enabled me to learn from the very best in the tennis industry on a variety of professional platforms 
  • Having a 1% influence or impact with 100’s of students through the sport of tennis during their personal developmental journeys, who have gone on to become top professionals, represent their countries, or play for some of the top collegiate programs in the US

Learn more: Website: www.martinparkestennis.com

Follow Martin on Instagram: @martinparkestennis