#121: Alexandria Agresta - "Things don't take time, they take courage."

Season #5

On The Coaching Podcast, international speaker, coach, and founder of Make for the Stage, Alexandria Agresta shares her many tips and tricks for unlocking your potential. This episode is filled with take home one liners for you to engage with the conversation and ask yourself questions like, "Why is the stage (or the tennis court, field, board room) a sacred place for you?" She talks about the importance of having a dialogue to help you uncover your message and how to be your authentic self when you are coaching, speaking and sharing your gift with one to many. Some of the highlights include;

  • Best coaching moment: Being naked emotionally 2:10
  • Worst coaching moment: When you end up working with the wrong people 6.55
  • Sliding Doors: Divine intervention 9:57
  • What makes a Great Coach? 15:02 (Undying Belief & Tough Love = Saying not what you want to hear but what you need to hear)
  • Why is the stage (or the tennis court) a sacred place for you? (It opens up a field of possibility) 18.24
  • Be your authentic self when you are on your 'stage' 21.35
  • Where does courage come from? (Internal belief) 24.58
    • I am worthy
    • I am capable
    • And, everything is available to me (try these affirmations on for size)
  • Leave a legacy by speaking a message that is to be remembered and to speak a message to sparks a movement - From 26.51
  • It doesn't matter how old you are - you have truth 27.50
  • How do you discover your message - is through dialogue 29.15
  • Who is your greatest coach? "My Dad" 34.00
    • "Don't let money hold you back." - "Life is an endless field of possibilities."
  • Is there such a thing as an original idea? 35.30
    • No one can share an idea from your perspective
    • Sometimes you need a message from a different messenger
  • Self quotes 36.46
    • "Things don't take time, they take courage." 
    • "We don't run businesses we further movements."
    • "Be the message that you want to hear."

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Bio: Alexandria Agresta ~ purposeful human & self-quoter

Alexandria Agresta is an International Speaker, TEDx Speaker and founder of Made for the Stage, where she helps business leaders and brands stand out, inspire action and build a diehard following through the power of thought leadership. This has led Alexandria to become a pioneer in her space, pushing the boundaries of how we can speak in a way that moves the masses, and use the stage to create true influence in the world. Get ready to play in the Field of Possibility and make some magic.

Website: https://www.madeforthestage.com 

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1. Messaging - crafting a message that's gritty and gripping, and one people can't put into a box 2. Thought Leadership - how to use the stage to become wildly influential and leave a legacy that lasts forever
3. Empathy in business - creating a system of listening in your business and letting your people guide you to success