#123: Marta Spirk - If you weren't afraid, what would you do?

Season #5

On The Coaching Podcast, triplet mom, author, TEDx speaker, empowerment coach, and marketing strategist, Marta Spirk shares her insights and personality-based approach to unlocking human potential. This episode is filled with take-home one-liners for you to engage with the conversation and ask yourself questions like, "If you weren't afraid, what would you do?" She talks about the differences in personality types and how different people can use their natural gifts to excel in their own way. Some of the highlights include;

  • Best coaching moment: Understanding differences in energy levels 2:12
  • Worst coaching moment: Feeling like you’re not providing value 4:11
  • Sliding Doors: Moving away from home and getting married 6:05
  • What makes a Great Coach? (Boundaries, being a good listener, self-awareness) 10:16
  • If you weren’t afraid, what would you do? 12:50
  • The 3 Profiles 13:56
  • Notice Yourself 14:57
    • Feelers 17:05
    • Thinkers 17:55
    • Doers 18:38
  • Doers need Thinkers and Feelers, and vice versa 19:27
  • What is one of the biggest things that holds women back from stepping into promoting themselves? 21:53
  • What is your advice for people who feel like they aren’t doing enough with their social media? 24:03
  • How do you trust yourself? (Self-Awareness and Self-Forgiveness) 27:54 
  • What are the personality types of your kids and at what age is your personality set? Are personalities permanent or can they change? 29:38
  • Are the 5 love languages of kids different from adults? (“They’re the same.”) 32:58
  • What makes a great entrepreneur? (Resilience, Experimentation, Curiosity) 33:23

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Marta Spirk
Empowerment Coach | Marketing Strategist | TEDx Speaker | Author


Marta Spirk is a wife, triplet mom, TEDx speaker, author, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. She helps women simplify marketing their business with a personality-based approach that reduces overwhelm and procrastination, so they can step into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT.  She does that with her podcast The Empowered Woman (over 100K downloads), The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success (book) and The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops.