Tennis Coach #125: Iosua Malaki - “Who you are is how you lead.”

Season #5

This episode is with young game changer, coach Iosua Malaki, the Future Champs Manager at JTCC in College Park, Maryland. He is honest, authentic, and very vulnerable as he openly shares his vision, purpose and superpowers moving into 2023. Emma Doyle feels honoured to mentor such a wonderful human and passionate coach. This is a very practical episode inviting you to reflect on your coaching future moving into this new year.

Some of the highlights include the following;

  • Worst coaching moment: Stay true to who you are 2:18
  • Best coaching moment: Connect a player's personality with how they want to play (your court is your performance court) 5:04
  • Sliding Doors: Stepping into a leadership role 7:22
  • What makes a Great Coach? (Joy, empathy, connection) 9:12
  • How did you rise from moments of failure? 11:31
  • The G.R.O.W model - brings clarity and accountability 12:25
    • Goal
    • Reality
    • Options
    • Way Forward
  • If <insert year> 'was' the richest year of your life what word would you choose to govern your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors? 15:44
  • My superpowers are:
    • 1. <insert>
    • 2. <insert>
    • 3. <insert>
      • And that is who I am!
  • Reach out to 5 of your cheerleaders from different areas of your life and ask them to comment on your strengths 19.58
  • How to get to your purpose statement 22.33
  • Purpose Statement questions: 24.03
    • Passion - who are you being?
    • Professionally - what's most important?
    • Care deeply - what would you like to give them?
    • Legacy - how do you want people to feel when they leave your presence?
  • Iosua's Purpose Statement: 26.58
    • "I lead with empathy and courage to inspire people to embrace their authentic selves and step into their greatness as braver bolder leaders." 
    • Emma's Purpose Statement: 27.34
      • "I harness energy and empower people to take authentic action so they can see real possibilities beyond what they could have ever imagined, unleashing human potential."  
    • LIFE-WORK balance 20.14

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Learn More about Iosua Malaki, PTR and WTCA Tennis Professional  
Quote: “Who you are is how you lead.”

Iosua Malaki brings young, positive energy unlike any other! He grew up playing tennis in a small town in Texas, where he spent all of his junior career self-taught until he was eighteen and able to work to afford his first official tennis lesson. His passion for the sport led him to compete in college tennis while attending Southwestern University and Concordia University. In his short career as a tennis professional, he has been a Director of Operations, Director of 10U Player Development, Director of High Performance, Fitness Trainer, and a Director of Tennis. Through his certifications with the PTR, WTCA, ITF, iTPA and USTA he is able to support his players in taking their games to the next level. He has coached several junior players to NCAA D2 scholarship and top NCAA D3 school, and many adult players to higher NTRP’s. He is a proud member of PTR, WTCAand USTA. He leads with a whole heart and a passion for growing the sport.