Teacher Coach #128 - Part 2: Jo Hammer: Building fun, efficient & confident learning environments

Season #5

Check out Part 2 of The Coaching Podcast interview with Jo Hammer. Jo shares some valuable insights about the difference between teaching and coaching as well as the importance of unlocking the learning through numerous modalities.

Here is a summary of some of the key points;

  • Jo's research - she uses the VARK modalities tool created by Neale Flemming and educates teachers and coaches that one's learning preference is part of a style, NOT the Style! 0.54
    • V = Visual
    • A = Auditory
    • R = Read/write
    • K = Kinestethic
      • Your preferences can change over time and we have to work on all of the modalities
  • How can learning be fun? More efficient? And help to provide more self-confidence? 8.00
  • Everything starts with conscious awareness and as a coach and/or teacher you have to be OBJECTIVE! 9.12 
  • Know your students and how they learn. 10.20
  • Be mindful of the question: 'Does that make sense?!' 13.00
    • Instead, hands up if you are still with me? Where did I lose you?
    • What was the last thing that made sense to you?
      • It's not what they say, it's in their body language.
  • Learning intentions and success criteria. 17.30
  • How to deal with the superstar student? 19.00
  • What's the difference between a teacher and a coach? 23.07
  • Effective coaches are across what's going on for the whole person. 25.40
  • Role model: Experience all the roles within the company to understand how everyone impacts your job. 27.00
  • Meet people where they are at. 30.00 
  • Don't expect people to do something that you are not willing to do yourself!

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About  Jo Hammer

A Secondary School teacher, with 21 years in Catholic education. As an experienced leader, I have held a variety of roles in the areas of well-being and curriculum, including senior leadership roles as Head of School, Director of Pedagogy and Professional Learning, and currently an Assistant Principal. I have an Applied Science (Consumer Science) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, a Masters in Education (Educational Management), and a Graduate Certificate in educational research. 

Connect with Jo here: www.linkedin.com/in/joanna-hammer-a11b485a