Professional Coach #129: Tim Buwick - Everything Matters!

Season #5

Are you interested in learning more about how to steal time from comfort? Are you interested in designing or drifting through life? Do you want to jump and grow wings? In this fabulous episode with our guest Coach, Tim Buwick, be ready to write down some great quotes and your personal mission and purpose statement. Tim believes that when your WHY gets bigger, your HOW becomes easier. He is driven by helping his clients discover their true potential with light, laughter, and love. We hope you enjoy this episode and pay it forward and share this with a fellow coach. Some of the highlights include;

  • Worst coaching moment: The difference between playing and teaching tennis. Looking the part versus being a coach 3:00
    • "We cannot give what we do not have." 4.30
    • "What goes down in the well, comes up in the bucket." 4.50
  • Best coaching moment: The light bulb moments - seeing visible progress 6:30
    • Being on the court with Roger Federer - what you see is what you get 7.20
    • "You can earn the measure of a person by how they treat someone that can do absolutely nothing for them." 9.40
  • Sliding Doors: Becoming a sports announcer 10:19
    • What does your voice message say about you? 13.33
  •  What makes a Great Coach? (Caring, Curiosity, Cognition) 15:10
  • How did you know that this is what you wanted to do? 20.33
  • How do you find your passion? 22.30
    • M5 Process = Ablazing Life
      • PASSION (Who I am) - Know thy self PLUS
      • PROWESS (What I do) - MULTIPLY
      • PURPOSE (Why I do it) - PLUS
      • PROBLEM (What I solve)  
        • = Everlasting passion and motivation
  • When the WHY gets bigger, the HOW gets easier. 24.26
  • Do you have a personal mission and purpose statement? 25.44
    • For example, Tim's is:
      • "To create footprints on another person's heart, by creating stick to your ribs type moments, filled with light, laughter and love."
  •  How can we say "NO" to the good and "YES" to the best? 30.00
  • What do you do when someone has potential but they can't see it in themselves? 31.13
    • Start small (the 6-minute miracle)
    • A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step
    • Just start - devote 6 minutes to doing what you know you need to do today!
    • The secret is in the start - Confidence comes from doing stuff! List your successors.
  • What are your superpowers? 36.12 

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About Tim Buwick

Tim Buwick is an author, speaker, podcaster, professional coach, emcee and announcer at The Tim Buwick Company. He is also the Director of Paddle Sports at Olde Providence Racquet Club in Charlotte North Carolina, leading the pickleball and platform tennis programs at the club. He is author of the book, Blasé 2 Ablaze – How to Turn your Blahs into Ahhs to Ignite Passion & Purpose.He has spent virtually his entire career working in the Sporting Goods industry. Tim spent nearly 30 years at Amer Sports (corporate parent of Arc’teryx, Salomon, Atomic, Suunto, Wilson, and various other sports brands), first as Territory Manager for Wilson based out Kansas City and Charlotte, then as U.S. Promotions Director. As U.S. Promotions Director for Racquet Sports, Tim led Wilson’s Advisory Staff, World Demo Tour and Junior Sponsorship programs. He was responsible for negotiating and activating sponsorship contracts with such organizations as the United States Tennis Association and the NCAA. During this time, he worked promotional events with such players as Roger Federer, Serena Williams and legend Billie Jean King. Prior to his work in sporting goods, he was a television/radio news and sports anchor for various broadcasting stations in the Midwest. To find out Tim’s speaking and professional coaching availability, please contact him through his website at:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @timbuwick

Simply type in Tim Buwick on Amazon for a copy of his book or Click Here