Performance Coach #131: Harry Moffitt - Be prepared for the moments that count

Season #5

Are you curious to hear about how mission-critical teams give each other feedback? Harry Moffitt brings a wealth of experience as a recently retired from the Australian Defence Force after almost 30 years, most of which was spent with Australia’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment as a Team Commander and Team Specialist. He shares many practical coaching tips from his military background including how to have a 'hotwash' conversation and the importance of being curious and cautious in your coaching.

Some of the highlights include;

  •  Best coaching moment: The importance of self-care 1.53
  • Worst coaching moment: Double down on education and work on your mindset similar to going to the gym 5.05
  • Sliding Doors: As leaders and coaches your 10 seconds with someone can have a profound effect on their life 8.33
  • What makes a Great Coach? (Listening & hearing) because the mind has a mind of its own 13.33 
  • Ask your player/client to: "SAY THAT AGAIN" to help improve your listening skills and you want the person you are coaching to hear themselves talking 17.25
  • What motivates people? How do you grow empathy quickly? 20.03
  • When you have a team who comes together (swarming) for high-pressure moments it is important to take 30 seconds before the event to SET UP the situation, manage expectations and build empathy 24.41
  • Hotwashes - immediate debrief is 1 kick (something we did badly), 1 kiss (something we did well) from each person, and remember to ask: How are you feeling? Then 1-hour later you repeat the process (when you are more rational) and all of the thoughts are put in an after-action review until they are finally collated into a playbook (where you capture your lessons learned, etc)  27.38
  • Peer-led support, learning, and debriefing is the most powerful form of feedback 32.00
  • Cricket journey 37.01
  • Be curious and cautious with your coaching (know what the data and latest research says) and do no harm! 45.37
  • Tacit knowledge transfer - There are aspects of these skills that are difficult to articulate or to transfer to others via language. This hidden knowledge is referred to as implicit or tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is intangible knowledge acquired from experience and insight. You will recognize it in people with competence and expertise. 47.42

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About Harry Moffitt

Anthony ‘Harry’ Moffitt recently retired from the Australian Defence Force after almost 30 years, most of which was spent with Australia’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment as a Team Commander and Team Specialist. He has completed 11 active service deployments, including being wounded in action in 2008. Harry completed his time in defence as the SAS Director of High-Performance. In 2020 he authored his memoir, Eleven Bats, a book about his military service and his love of cricket. Harry is now a registered psychologist and runs a human performance consultancy working with professional sports teams, the military and industry. He has experience in and partners with a diverse range of organisations to assist them in creating high-performance people, cultures, and teams, including corporate, professional sports, government & military, not-for-profit and academic institutions.

Harry draws on over 20 years experience in Special Operations and as a Team Commander to complement his role as an organisational development consultant and psychologist. His focus is on enhancing leadership and organisational capabilities to ensure high performance and effectiveness. Harry is the founder of the first-of-its-kind Wanderer's Education Program, a multi-million dollar not-for-profit that uniquely prepares soldiers for transition. He is also the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the original rock band 'The Externals'. Based in Melbourne Australia, he is the founder and managing director of Stotan Group as well as a Director at the Mission Critical Team Institute.

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