Leadership Coach #136: Allan Sicard - Create environments for committed people to thrive

Season #5

Allan Sicard is an Author, Podcaster (The Courage to Lead), Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Former Police Commander whose experience you can count on. Allan is a leader who measures himself by how many other leaders he creates. In this episode, Allan shares his approach to empowering others by bringing committed people together in a supportive and inclusive environment. You will learn about his methodology to tackle homelessness in Sydney as well as the steps that he and his team took during high-pressure (life and death) situations. 

Some of the highlights include;

  • 1.48: Best coaching moment: Police Commander for the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011 - With the right preparation and great people, anything is possible.
  • 6.32: Worst coaching moment: In his early days, he used to lead from the front. Nowadays, he recognizes that you have to build a team around you and empower and equip them with leadership skills.
  • 9.11: Sliding Doors: Being part of the solution to homelessness. If you approach a problem with a group of committed people and drop the ego, you can literally change the world.
  • 13.07: What makes a Great Coach? (Empower, support, and include)
  • 13:48: "The measure of a leader is about how many other leaders they create." 
  • 14.10: Human beings need three things;
    • 1) Belonging (inclusive)
    • 2) Autonomy around their own direction
    • 3) Support (Coaching)
      • How can you create learning and safe environments where people are allowed to make mistakes?
  • 16.44: In three words or less what makes a great coach and a great leader? (Emma: Energy, Empathy, and Enjoyment)
  • 18.27: Life and Death scenarios require structure, order, and everyone knowing their role in order to thrive under pressure.
  • 24.21: About Allan's book: The Courage to Lead
    • Lesson 1) Learn to forgive yourself
    • Lesson 2) It's never over until you say it's over
    • Lesson 3) Create a strong, formidable, and united team 
    • Lesson 4) Then if the team's goal is to create a supportive, inclusive, and fun environment, you can achieve anything


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About Allan Sicard

Allan Sicard is an Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Former Police Commander whose experience you can count on. Allan was a member of the NSW Police Force from 1980 - 2020 performing the role of Police Commander for the last 15 years. His specialty is empowering others to create a workplace where people feel supported and included, ensuring everyone can do their absolute best. Using this approach, Allan has successfully led a number of planned and unplanned major events in the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

  • Such unplanned events included:
    • Police Commander for the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011
    • Forward Police Commander of the Lindt Cafe Siege for the 1st 2 hours in 2015
  • Planned Events were:
    • Police Forward CommanderRoyal Visit by HRH Prince Harry and Princess Meghan @Taronga Zoo working with British Security Services
    • Vice President Joe Biden visit @ Taronga Zoo working with American Secret Service
    • China Presidential visit by Xi Jinping residential phase at The Rocks, Sydney
    • Police Commander Sydney Marathon for 7 years at the time of and post Boston Marathon Bombings
    • City to Surf
    • Vivid Sydney for 3 years Multiple high-risk Premier League Soccer games Capacity Cricket, AFL, ARU, NRL games at Sydney Cricket Ground
    • Cold Play concerts Music Festivals at Randwick Race Course and Centennial Park
    • Forward Police Commander Sydney Mardi Gras 4 years -
    • George Street and Hyde Park 9 years @ of North Sydney Sector for New Year's Eve influencing change from Alcohol-Free to Ticketed event in command of 550+police working with stakeholders across 8 precincts

You can connect with Allan below or purchase his book via this link: https://allansicard.com/the-book

Website: https://allansicard.com 

Connect: https://linktr.ee/AllanSicard Or Email: [email protected]

Podcast: https://allansicard.com/podcasts

Linked In: https://linkedin.com/in/allan-sicard-6a5740142