Business Coach #138: Dan James - What's your ultimate impact?

Season #5

Coach Dan James and Emma Doyle have a remarkable connection: both of them transitioned from being tennis coaches to becoming highly accomplished corporate coaches. Dan, the Founder of Story 19 Consulting, possesses an unwavering passion for creating a lasting impact and helping others leave behind a meaningful legacy. He firmly believes that effective coaching entails meeting individuals where they currently stand, and he holds stories in high regard as the ultimate tool for effectively transferring information. Prepare your notepad and settle in for an enlightening conversation, as this episode is packed with invaluable tips and strategies that are worth remembering.

Some of the highlights include;

  • 1.38: Best coaching moment: My ultimate impact was to stop coaching knowing the difference between when to be impactful and when to let the impact take care of itself. When teaching a skill there is a progression: You:
    • Teach it, coach it, integrate it, and then allow them to use it.
  • 3.53: What do you think of on-court coaching? It's healthy if you use cue words, like "time and space" and the player knows what you are talking about.
  • 4.51: Worst coaching moment: When I was trying to prove my knowledge (this is ineffective and an energy drainer)! Instead, be intentional and impactful.  Translational Communication - Meet people where they are at.
    • The awkward silence gives people an opportunity to process.
    • Shout out to my mentor, Damian Carmody-Stephens - who lives and breathes "the power of the pause".
  • 9.56: Sliding Doors: Dan's passion for coaching wheelchair tennis and pursuing this as a career in Chapter 1. The next transition happened when he asked himself, am I a leader or am I a coach? He started his company, Story 19 Consulting.
  • 13.48: What Makes a Great Coach? Impact - it's the foundation of his coaching.
    • Find the lane in which you deliver your impact (legacy).
    • What is the impact that you want?
  • 15.40: Why do we need to pick one lane?
    In one sentence - what is your ultimate impact? This helps with your clarity.
    • 16.05: Dan's ultimate impact statement is:
      "Creating vehicles to help others find their best self."
    • 18.32: Emma's ultimate impact statement is:
      "I harness energy and empower people to take authentic action and see real possibilities."
    • Start at 50,000 feet and think about what your ultimate impact is? 
  •  20.21: "Being right is far less important than doing the right thing." Give credit to the person who shared that gold nugget with you.
  •  20.51: A definition of an engaged employee (Thanks Eryc Eyl).
  • 23.23: When you are first in front of an audience - What do you give of yourself to connect?
  • 24.40: A story is any vehicle that creates an understanding. Start with a personal story that relates to your content when you are delivering your next presentation.
  • 28.02: What makes a great storyteller?
    • Authenticity 
  • 29.17: Create an impact outline - share a story, how this relates to each impact point, and provide information that is evidence-based.
  • 31.31: Who impacted you?
    • "Who I was ... was far more important than how well I did."
      (High school coach, Jim Holden)
    • "The impact you make is more important than the results you deliver."
      (College Coach: Steve Wilkinson)
  • 32.29: What are your top three impact tips? 
    • 1) Coach the person, not the skill.
    • 2) Don't try to be someone else.
    • 3) Celebrate failure as the only vehicle to success

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About Dan James 

Dan James spent 16 years as the US Paralympic Coach for Wheelchair Tennis in the United States. He coached teams to 11 medals during his international career including 3 gold. During that time he utilized impactful communication to raise awareness, triple budget dollars, and integrate wheelchair tennis into the Grand Slams (US Open). He delivered keynote, workshop, and television presentations throughout the world. He is taking his experience as an elite coach and applying it to impactful communication through storytelling and relationship building. The basis of all communication is rooted in storytelling. Stories are used daily to connect, inform, inspire, and persuade. Whether on stage, in the boardroom, or at the water cooler, storytelling is the foundation of building relationships and impactful communication. Story 19 Consulting, LLC, provides communication coaching individually, in a facilitated workshop, or as a keynote speaker. Through a process of self-assessment, building relationships within your communication sector, impact identification, and practice Story 19 can make you a more impactful storyteller and a better communicator.

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