Human Being Coach #141: Eryc Eyl - How to be "in service" to our fellow humans

Season #5

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast, where we challenge conventional wisdom with a healthy dose of skepticism and explore the possibilities that lie beyond. Our guest today is a human being coach, Eryc Eyl, who is extremely passionate about helping individuals thrive by fostering work lives that are not only fulfilling but also empowering and self-actualizing. Join us as we dive into the realm of coaching and discover how leaders, both official and unofficial, can embrace a humancentric approach, putting human needs, motivations, fears, and aspirations at the forefront. Eryc will redefine the concept of "we" and uncover extraordinary opportunities that arise when we embrace our shared humanity. After all, at the heart of it all, we are all simply human beings seeking growth and fulfillment. 

Here is a summary of the key points;

  • 1.48: Best coaching moment: The purpose of work is to support our aspirations and minimize our fears so that human beings can flourish! Remember to coach the whole human.
  • 7.54: Worst coaching moment: Being clear on the specific coaching agreement upfront.
  • 11.10: What does coaching mean to you? Do you need:
    • A therapist - is great at getting at the WHY
    • An Advisor (we need consent to step into that) - Here is how you might go about doing that
    • A Coach - to listen and help the client gain perspective on what they are trying to accomplish (connect the dots)
  • 13.00: Sliding Doors: The person who helped Eryc gain perspective and clarity. Specifically, 'to always be "in service" to my fellow humans (not corporations).
  • 21.12: The difference between being "in service" compared to being "a servant".
  • 21.57: Individual autonomy within an interdependent world - the concept of personal independence and self-governance while acknowledging the interconnectedness and interdependence of individuals within a larger society or global context.
  • 22.39: What Makes a Great Coach? And, what makes a great leader?
    • Listening - with the intent to really understand. Listen deeply.
    • Asking - great coaching questions at the right time to create new realities.
    • Connecting - the dots to help gain perspective.
  • 25.56: When working with busy people, ask them: "When do you do your thinking?"
    • Latin phrase meaning: It is solved by walking! 
  • 34.32: A definition of an engaged employee according to Erycl:
    • "A fellow human who is so emotionally connected and committed to their work that they willingly and proactively go above and beyond their job description to help the organization attain its vision, fulfill its mission, and achieve its goals in return for the promise of increased satisfaction, fulfillment, self-actualizing, and flourishing."
      • Book reference: "The Power of Full Engagement" by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Stop trying to engage people, instead create conditions in which people are more likely to develop that sense of engagement
      • Book reference: The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children is written by Alison Gopnik
        • Leaders can cultivate engagement (deliberate practices over time).
  • 23.23: The 13 principles ..... X is more powerful than Y Video about the 13 principles for human-centric workplaces ( and the three highlighted below are discussed in this episode.
    1.  Possibilities are more powerful than problems
    2.  It’s better to involve than to instruct
    3.  Connection is greater than compliance
    4.  Strengths are greater than weaknesses
    5.  Intrinsic motivation is greater (in the end) than extrinsic - Speakers need to stoke the motivation that already lives within people. Bribery (external motivation) only works in the short term.
    6.  Clarity is greater than cleverness
    7.  Why is greater than what
    8.  Authenticity over authority
    9.  Humans (think about them as humans), not employees
    10.  Listening over talking
    11.  Consistency over intensity
    12.  Love is greater than fear
    13.  We language over they - We is stronger than they. It really matters what we mean when we say "we" if we want to broaden our possibilities. 
  • 39.19: How can people take the first step towards becoming more human-centric in their leadership? 
    • Increase your listening ratio compared to talking!
    • Download the first chapter of Eryc's new book: "Stop Engaging Employees - Start Being More Human" by following this link: 
  • 40.59: There is great strength in softness (soft skills) so let's lean-in that and begin to see our "soft skills" as strengths that really matter.

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About Eryc Eyl

Eryc Eyl believes in a world in which work isn’t just a four-letter word, but part of a path to greater satisfaction, fulfillment, self-actualization, and flourishing. He is a speaker, author, coach, consultant, and educator committed to making work more human. Eryc helps workplaces align their culture with strategic imperatives, and individuals integrate work with a meaningful, fun, and fulfilling life. His expertise comes from three decades of experience with organizations a wide variety of industries, as well as certifications in workplace culture, change management, and customer experience. Eryc is also a storyteller, playwright, and DJ who holds a Master’s degree in education from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor’s degree in literature and film from Vassar College. He is the playwright of The Immunes, and his first book, Stop Engaging Employees, will arrive in 2023.

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