Business Coach #142: Nicole Zimmermann - Listening is Learning!

Season #5

Welcome to this episode of The Coaching Podcast, where we delve into the crucial topics of Diversity, and Inclusion, based on a better understanding of multicultural differences. We explore the significance of aligning Personal Brand and Leadership Style and how leading by example and role modeling through change are critical aspects of effective leadership. In this episode, we highlight some key coaching moments, such as self-reflection, perseverance, and the power of a convincing story to fuel our pursuit of goals.

Our guest coach, Nicole Zimmermann, Founder & CEO of ZELOCIN & Partners LLC, shares her valuable insights from over 20 years of business excellence and leadership experience in the Telecommunications and Financial Services Industry. Nicole's coaching practice focuses on enabling, empowering, and elevating executive leaders by understanding their individual motivation through The Motivation Factor™️ assessment and proactively managing their growth potential to lead through change. Join us as we explore how empathy, authenticity, and inclusivity are pivotal in effective leadership.

Here are some of the highlights;

  • 2.04: Best coaching moment: When her clients can self-reflect on what motivates them and where they get their energy from.  
  • 3.18: Worst coaching moment: Giving up too early in the journey because change is hard. Do you have a convincing story to justify working hard toward achieving your goals?
    • Be clear in the beginning to set the expectations to explain that if you do the work, you can transform your life.
    • Visualize your convincing story - Check out this priming video with Tony Robbins: 
  • 8.46: Sliding Doors: The importance of empathy when managing a diverse team and how to be an authentic leader.
    • Don't burn bridges - you never know where your next opportunity will come from.
  • 13.09: What Makes a Great Coach? 
    • Enabling - Equip people with tools, advice, and guidance to conquer things in the future.
    • Empowering - Who are your cheerleaders?
    • Honesty - Don't sugarcoat situations when people need to adjust their behavior and communication.
  • 16.48: What's your story?
    • "Listening is learning." 
  • 19.06: What's your leadership style?
    • Authentic, honest, caring, enabling, and empowering leader. 
  • 19.57: Here are some questions for you to consider what is your personal brand? They are also a great place to explore and identify your leadership style:
    • 1) Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you come across?
    • 2) What are your beliefs?
    • 3) What are your values? What is really important to you?
    • 4) What is unique about you?
  • 22.03: Can AI support this personal branding process? Maybe!
  • 23.59: What are some of the cultural differences when someone comes to the US that they need to be aware of?
    • Work Ethic (Americans are known to be hard workers)
    • Diverse backgrounds - work together smarter :)
  • 25.26: Stop making assumptions and remember to be non-judgemental and don't carry prejudice around.
  • 26.55: How can we be more inclusive? Come from a place of love, empathy, understanding, and compassion.
  • 28.33: Check the Motivation Factor website for more information about:
    • What are your needs?
    • What are your talents?
    • What are your energy drainers? (Motivation map) What would you like to see instead? What are my options?
    • How can you balance your energy (neutral state)

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About Nicole Zimmermann, Founder & CEO of ZELOCIN & Partners LLC

Nicole Zimmermann is the Founder & CEO of ZELOCIN™️ & Partners LLC a strategic Marketing and Transformation Consulting Firm where she develops agile go-to-market strategies focused on needs-based segmentation, brand positioning, digital Marketing, customer experience journeys, and value-based propositions for her clients. She is a Brand, Communications, and lean Change Management executive with more than 20 years of business excellence and leadership experience who has worked for Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the USA in the Telecommunications and Financial Services Industry. In her Coaching practice, she focuses on the enablement, empowerment, and elevation of executive leaders to develop their personal brand and leadership style by understanding their Motivation Factors™️ and proactively managing their growth potential to lead through change. In addition, she is a passionate champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Other expertise includes fractional CMO, Board Services, Guest Lecturer at leading Business Schools, and Key Note Speaker at global conferences. Forbes named Nicole one of the “11 Women Who Are Changing the Face of Finance.”

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