#100: Kyle LaCroix: Attitude of Gratitude! - Celebrating the 100th Episode

Season #4

It's our celebration episode – 100 shows of The Coaching Podcast and we couldn't think of a more loyal supporter of the show than Coach Kyle LaCroix; he listens every week and was the very first guest to be interviewed on the show! Emma met Kyle through a mutual friend, when she was visiting their tennis facilities in Florida many years ago, and she is a huge fan of Kyle's work and the way that he thinks outside of the square. You are in for a real treat today, as the data on the Vegemite question is finally in! Kyle has been waiting 6 years to get back onto the Coaching Podcast to share his scientific take on Vegemite, the two-bite rule; a little dab will do you, and his lifelong battle with that rare disease called enthusiasm!

The light bulb moments in this epic 100th The Coaching Podcast episode, include;

  • Throwback to Season 1: Episode #2 Kyle LaCroix 3:00
  • Emma’s Coaching Podcast picks: #8 Claude Sliver & #31 Patrick Mouratoglou 3:48
  • The Vegemite Question revisited 6:27
  • The two-bite rule 10:10
  • Cilantro/Coriander; you either love it, or hate it! 12:11
  • Coaching Moment: Every day I get to coach. 13:07
  • Attitude of Gratitude 14:50
  • No one has lost more Wimbledon finals to the Wall. 16:00
  • Born with a rare disease, called enthusiasm! 16:56
  • Coaching Moment: Kicking the tyres and lighting the fires. 18:11
  • Vulnerability – the first thing we look for in others, the last thing we look for in ourselves. 20:38
  • Sliding Doors: Living in a Walmart parking lot, I just don’t think you’ll ever be good enough and taking a huge risk on a vision that didn’t exist yet. 22:44
  • What makes a great coach? The key is eagerness. 28:17
  • What’s that one question? 33:18
  • Paralysis of Analysis: Cause their idea, to become your idea. 36:44
  • ‘We teach people tennis, we don’t teach tennis to people.’ 38:50 #74 Louis Cayer
  • SETS Consulting: Specialised Educational Tennis Solutions 40:25
  • Why top athletes fail?: Fear of Failure (71%), Negativity (68%) and Perfectionism (54%). 45:40
  • The stats are in: Tennis is not a game of perfection; it’s a game of percentages. 48:39
  • The Losers Edge 49:40
  • One piece of advice: It’s nice to be important, it’s more important to be nice. 51:30
  • Love Serving Autism: Lisa LaCroix 53:00

A huge thank you to Simon Blair for being one of the original founders of The Coaching Podcast, for picking the original name ;) and for his continued support of the show. To our sponsor, Tina Samara and her business, Transition Coach 4 Athletes. And to our editor, Carolyn Doyle, yes - it's a sister act each week! If anyone is interested in securing Caz for copywriting, she is the best! 

Stay tuned until after the credits roll for a snapshot of the Vegemite Question in rehearsal!

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Kyle LaCroix is a USPTA and PTR certified Tennis professional, USTA High Performance Coach, an ITF Level 3 coach, a United States Center for Coaching Excellence Certified Coach Developer, a USPTA Tester for 15 Years. 

He has worked at academies, camps and private clubs as well as professional players throughout his four-decade-long career. Along the way, he has served the tennis industry serving on numerous USPTA national committees as well as speaking at numerous division conferences as well as World Conferences. He has earned recognition in the industry as a leader, mentor and award winning professional tennis coach through his desire and generosity of “paying it forward”. 

He is the Chief Education Officer of SETS Consulting (Specialized Educational Tennis Solutions) and has been the Assistant Director of Tennis at The Oaks at Boca Raton for the past 17 Years. 

Kyle graduated from Ferris State University’s Professional Tennis Management Program and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a M. Ed from Stanford University.