Executive Coach 127: Wayne Reuben - Curiosity is the new superpower for leaders and coaches

Season #5

If you are a coach and you are deeply curious about the power of curiosity, then this episode is for you! Business coach, Wayne Reuben, is the founder of engage4performance with over 25+ years in leadership roles and a wealth of coaching experience. Wayne is passionate about creating engaged employees, and techniques for how to overcome imposter syndrome. In this episode, Wayne provides numerous practical coaching tools (and questions to ignite your curiosity) for you to immediately add to your coaching toolkit, such as the Black Dot, White Page coaching strategy. Get ready to feel the joy in this curious conversation between two great coaches.

Here is a summary of some of the key points;

  • Worst coaching moment: 360-degree feedback - ask them 'What do you expect to see?' 2:43
  • Best coaching moment: Helping our clients put the rubber on the road 5:46
  • BLACK DOT - WHITE PAGE Coaching Tool 9:08
  • Sliding Doors: Turn left or turn right with a little bit of courage! 11:03
  •  What makes a Great Coach? (Curioisty, Listen, Care) 15:10
  • Coach burnout: Use visual reminders to help bring you back to curiosity and in your quiet moments - ask yourself: 'What kind of coach (leader, etc) do you want to be?  17:58
  • "Tell me about the joy you find in doing this?" 21:06
  • Motivation to move toward and move away to help your clients commit to their action steps. For example; 24:26
    • How will you feel when this happens? (sit in that vision space)
    • What will happen if you don't take action? (how big is that pain)
  • Imposture Syndrome: How can you help develop belief in your team members? Help your clients find the JOY in what they do and tell them that you BELIEVE in them (in-person or via a call unexpectedly). From 29:06
  • 2020 Gallop survey said that 85% of employees are disengaged! What is an engaged employee? I care, I believe, and I bring enthusiasm and energy to what I do! 33:35
  • What is a Shadow Leader? 37:24
    • It is a version of yourself that is zoomed bigger!
    • People notice your expressions in a meeting or how you respond outside of the meeting!

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About Wayne ReubenFounder of engage4performance

Wayne brings 25+ years in senior leadership roles, culminating with two assignments as CEO for the APAC region in public MNCs. His first leadership assignment was with Coca-Cola, after which he worked in pharmaceuticals with Sanofi and J&J, then medical devices with CooperVision and GN Hearing. When Wayne decided to exit the corporate world in 2022, it created the opportunity for him to share his passion for coaching and mentoring with client CEOs and Founders as an associate of Impactful Leadership Consulting. He also founded his own consultancy “engage4performance” where he helps leaders drive engagement and business performance via the power of curiosity! He has lived and worked in both China and Singapore, and now operates from Singapore and Sydney. Wayne is an avid world adventure traveller, and marathon runner (10 completed marathons) and has studied and performed in improvised theatre.

Website: https://www.engage4performance.com

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-reuben-engage4performance