Teacher Coach #128 - Part 1: Jo Hammer: Creating a Coaching Culture in Schools

Season #5

It is with great pleasure to introduce a former high schoolmate of Emma Doyle's to The Coaching Podcast. Jo Hammer is the assistant principal (Community and Growth) at Ave Maria College in Essendon, Australia. Jo believes that great leaders create other great leaders when we connect and coach the whole person. In part 1 of this 2-part interview, Jo talks about the importance of checking for understanding and provides us with practical tips on how to create long last connections. She is vulnerable, honest and impactful - there is so much that we can learn from teachers in the coaching industry and vice versa!

Check out some of the key points;

  • Worst coaching moment: Ask for feedback 
  • Best coaching moment: A good leader creates a good leader (can you help people how to leader others?) 
  • Sliding Doors: Trust your gut 
  •  What makes a Great Coach? (Listening) 
  • Check for understanding:
    • Rule 1: The definition can't be in the answer
    • Rule 2: Can you explain the concept to someone else?

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About  Jo Hammer

A Secondary School teacher, with 21 years in Catholic education. As an experienced leader, I have held a variety of roles in the areas of well-being and curriculum, including senior leadership roles as Head of School, Director of Pedagogy and Professional Learning, and currently an Assistant Principal. I have an Applied Science (Consumer Science) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, a Masters in Education (Educational Management), and a Graduate Certificate in educational research. 

Connect with Jo here: www.linkedin.com/in/joanna-hammer-a11b485a