Corporate Coach #130: Paula Jones-Hunt - The biggest reason people leave their job is because of their manager!

Season #5

In this episode, Coach Paula Jones-Hunt talks about future trends in workplace coaching and the importance of creating safe working environments that support mental health and well-being. She is the Resident Human Resource (HR) Specialist at Open Door Coaching. She believes that it is important to find moments for ad hoc coaching conversations in the workplace to enhance your coaching culture. She is passionate about building HR teams' coaching capability and building Manager capability to have great coaching conversations with their teams. She shares many practical coaching insights as well as some humorous ice-breaker questions.  One of her favorites is: 'What TV show do you watch that you don't tell your friends about?'

Here are the key summary points:

  • Best coaching moment: When senior leaders role model great coaching questions 1.36
  • Worst coaching moment: When you forget to seek permission to coach and remember to just ask if they want coaching or space for venting 3.32
  • Sliding Doors: Meeting the CEO of Open Door Coaching, Natalia Ashdown, and adding coaching into my HR toolkit 5.38
  • What makes a Great Coach? Great Rapport, Excellent listening (what are they not saying), and Passion (people can feel your passion) 8.36
  • How has coaching influenced the person you are today? 10.31
  • Adult learning has changed: rather than I’m giving you this piece of information and I just want to do the task “VERSUS” I’m giving you this piece of information and I’m asking you to add it to all the knowledge, experience, and skill that you have – what is going to be most effective? 12.08
  • Ad hoc coaching conversations: Flipping conversations on their head 12.42
  • “You’re my manager, aren’t you just supposed to tell me what to do!” 13.41
  • High-performance Teams: Silo’s “VERSUS” creating a community of practice to share their ideas and talk together 15.16
  • Favorite ice-breaker: What’s the TV that you watch that you don’t tell your friends about? 17.33
  • Coaching culture: “Where people are in control and have responsibility for their purpose in the organization.” 18.21 (They are accountable and can deliver combined with some FUN stretch goals.)
  • Talent retention: It’s only going to get harder 19.56
  • The biggest reason people leave their job is because of their manager! 20.32
  • From buddy to the boss to leader: Communication – how long is a piece of string so why not introduce coaching into conversations immediately? 22.11
  • The Coaching Café Podcast – Click here to listen to this episode
  • Future trends: Inflation and the interest rates on housing will increase stress and burnout affecting their mental health 23.54
  • The better you know your staff, the more you are going to notice the nuances 27.18
  • Hybrid connections: Create time to connect 30.30
  • What type of coffee do you drink and what does this say about you? 31.38
  • Live and breathe coaching questions because they are the KEY 32.01
  • Parenting tips: “What was the best part of your day?” and “What did you learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?” 33.00

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About Paula Jones-Hunt

Paula Jones-Hunt is a Senior Human Resources professional and Workplace and Business Coach. Paula has worked with boards, directors, executives, managers, team leaders and line staff in implementing cultural change programs and to create purpose, vision and results, professionally as well as personally. Paula has over twenty years of experience in Human Resource Management and Coaching. Paula is passionate, innovative and has a genuine passion for understanding people and building strong workplace relationships across organisations. By integrating her skills in both HR and coaching, her focus is on the development of coaching cultures within organisations by ensuring the alignment of organisational values and HR systems supported by designed coaching programs. Paula works closely with HR and L&D teams to develop their coaching culture, build strong relationships with their stakeholders and enhance the HR brand within the organisation.

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