Performance Coaches #150: Emma Doyle with Natalie Ashdown - Lessons learned from 150 episodes

Season #6

In a milestone celebration, CEO Natalie Ashdown from The Open Door Coaching Group engages in a fun interview with the host of The Coaching Podcast, Emma Doyle, commemorating the achievement of 150 episodes. Reflecting on the journey, Emma shares invaluable lessons learned, unveiling some of the highlights accumulated over the years. The interview delves into the essence of the show's commitment to coaching for success in both sport and business, emphasizing its transformative impact. As the conversation unfolds, listeners are treated to insightful reflections, showcasing the evolution of the podcast and its dedication to empowering individuals in their coaching endeavors. This milestone episode becomes a testament to The Coaching Podcast's enduring legacy, capturing the essence of growth, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence in the dynamic realms of sport and business coaching. We hope you enjoy this episode and remember to share it with a fellow coach.

Some of the highlights include;

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About Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is the USA partner of Open Door Coaching – a Colorado-based coach training organization. She is a high-performance coach who unleashes human potential. Emma specializes in helping leaders and teams harness their energy, discover their purpose and achieve high performance under pressure. She does this by inviting her clients to adopt a curious champion mindset and utilizing proven coaching processes that unleash human potential.

Emma is a coach, mentor and a sought after keynote speaker around the world helping you turn your motivation into activation. She believes that innate talent is not nearly as important as execution. Her vision for the future is where organizations are adopting a coaching culture in the workplace as their natural way of serving their people. The Leader as Coach is the way of the future.

Emma is deeply qualified to know ‘What Makes a Great Coach?’ which is the title of her new book that is being released this year. She believes that incorporating ‘coaching skills’ together with developing an individual’s or organization’s energy, purpose, and performance-under-pressure, are essential tools of the successful Leader as Coach.

Emma is a former D1 College tennis player, and an international tennis coach turned corporate coach (PCC, NLP, EI certified). She has partnered with an Australian company, The Open Door Coaching Group, who have been running International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognized coaching qualifications for the past 16 years.  Emma is the USA partner running Coach Training programs, namely, Leader as Coach and the High-Performance Workplace Coaching Certification as well as executive coaching for business leaders.   

World-renowned tennis coach, Judy Murray, calls Emma the Effervescent Australian because she has so much energy and passion – ‘in fact’, she says, ‘Emma is everything you would want coaches to embody.’ Emma has represented her native Country of Australia on 20 occasions as a world team coach and she has facilitated corporate clinics with superstars, such as, Virgin Australia and tennis icon, Maria Sharapova.

Emma’s clients say she is the real-life female version of Coach Ted Lasso believing that it is more important to be curious than judgmental. She is a TEDx speaker, host of The Coaching Podcast now living in Denver, Colorado. You can learn more about Emma’s service suite by visiting, or email: [email protected]

About Natalie Ashdown - CEO of The Open Door Coaching Group

Natalie is one of Australia's most senior and experienced coaches and a recognised speaker and author. Her passion, vision, creativity and commitment assist and supports individuals, teams and companies to create lasting cultural change using coaching skills.

Natalie is one of just 18 coaches in Australia to hold the International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach credential. Often working with HR, L&D professionals, and executive teams to implement strategic initiatives and designing leadership programs that target organisational change; and she is sought after for her expert facilitation skills particularly in coaching managers to coach their teams and is regarded as a mentor by many. She has worked extensively across all government levels and the private sector and has exposure and experience in international coaching including international work as a key-note speaker.

She is a qualified Surf Life Saver, runs a surf education program for 180 children in the summer holidays and Community CPR program and has achieved her black belt in Taekwondo. In her spare time Natalie has achieved her black belt in Taekwondo and has recently taken up the piano; and her new hobby is completing her Doctorate!

Connect with Natalie:


Email:  [email protected]