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The Coaching Podcast

Hosted by: Emma Doyle

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – coach for success in both sports and business. I'm your host, Coach EM, known as The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker, recognized globally for unleashing human potential. Join me...


Ollie Stephens - Thank you for making me a better person and coach Ollie :)

Season #2 Episode #30

This episode was recorded earlier this year with our featured guest Oliver 'Ollie' Stephens who Emma interviewed in 2017. Ollie sadly passed away in April 2018. We hope this episode, recorded prior to his passing,...
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Suzanne Waldron - "If you are having trouble getting to the core of someone's issues, what is it within you that is blocking that process?"

Season #2 Episode #29

Simon interviews Suzanne Waldron, a leadership mentor and advisor, master facilitator and leadership conference speaker from Perth, Western Australia.
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Luke Harris - Don't ever stop improving individuals regarding of your results

Season #2 Episode #28

In our first of our series of interviews with local 'Grassroots', volunteer coaches, Simon interviews The Club Coaching Co-Ordinator and U14s & U19s boys coach, Luke Harris from the Devon Meadows Junior Football...
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Great Scots (Part 2) - Julie Gordon thinks a great coach is inspiring, motivating and supportive

Season #2 Episode #27

Emma Doyle interviews Scottish tennis coaches Julie Gordon and Graham Robertson as well as successful entrepreneur Lorraine McDonald in this second part of her 'Great Scots' interviews. Julie Gordon is one of Emma's...
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TEDx Speakers - Emma's fellow TEDx crew from Oneonta share what makes a great coach

Season #2 Episode #26

In September 2017, Emma fulfilled a long-term ambition to present at a TEDx event, which she achieved so brilliantly at TEDx Oneonta, New York State. Leading up to her presentation she managed to interview 3...
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The Wimbledon Interviews - Passion, Passion and Passion from all of our guests

Season #2 Episode #25

Emma's back at Wimbledon as she was in 2017 when she interviewed a number of incredible coaches. Hear from the world's best doubles coach Louis Cayer; Sarah Borwell, one of his coaching pupils and former #1 British...
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Laura Bergells - "What factors make you feel most confident?"

Season #2 Episode #24

Simon chats with Laura Bergells, Writer, Trainer and Speaking Coach from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
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Steve Simpson - "What has really helped contribute to your success?"

Season #2 Episode #23

Emma interviews Melbourne's Steve Simpson, a world authority and conference presenter on workplace culture and customer service.
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Great Scots (Part 1) - Some of the great coaching qualities include Knowledge, Learn, Patience and Passion

Season #2 Episode #22

In this special episode, Emma interviews 3 Scottish high performers for their perspectives on the impact of coaching on their careers. They include Judith Ralston, former singer and current BBC Scotland Weather...
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Leadership Scientist: Aiden M. A. Thornton - "What's your highest purpose? "

Season #2 Episode #21

Emma Doyle interviews Melbourne's Aiden M. A. Thornton who is a leadership scientist and practitioner. Dr Aiden M. A. Thornton is a PhD qualified leadership scientist, a principal management consultant with 25+ years...
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Warren Kennaugh - "What role does self-awareness play in changing outcomes?"

Season #2 Episode #20

Simon interviews Behavioural Strategist, Warren Kennaugh.
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Kris Soutar - "What was that moment in your life that made you go down that road that you did?"

Season #2 Episode #19

Emma Doyle interviews Scottish Master Performance Tennis Coach, Kris Soutar. She has also been a guest on his excellent Podcast (Kris Soutar’s Tennis Journal) and his insights are always pushing the envelope in...
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